1. Ulikedew

    Uber driver in Louisville passes after altercation

    https://www.wlky.com/article/lmpd-coenducting-death-investigation-following-altercation-at-hotel/22680966 Didn't know him but RIP. Sometimes the fare just ain't worth it.
  2. S

    New To Uber Eats Louisville - Biking

    Hey everyone. I’m Eric. So I’ve been doing Uber Eats on my bike for a few weeks. I am working for a nonprofit for the spring/summer, as well as editing a literary magazine, and am hoping that Uber Eats suppliments my income. My routine, if you can call it that, is as follows: I live in the...
  3. S

    Hello from Louisville

    Hi everyone, I'm Eric. I was activated to deliver with Uber Eats in Louisville, Kentucky on my bike last week. It took two months and a trip to the local greenlight office to get it activated. I've done 11 deliveries so far. One of the orders didn't go so well, apparently. Trying not to let it...
  4. S

    Where to go in Louisville

    I just started driving with Uber yesterday. I'm just wondering where are the best places to wait to pick up people and when are the best times. Any advice is helpful. Thanks!
  5. EMcB

    Customer Question

    Hello Uber Drivers - I know this forum is a community for drivers, but as a customer, I'm seeking a really important answer to a question and I can't find any other place to get it answered. (First, let me say I've used Uber in cities across the country...I love y'all!) I will soon be needing a...
  6. Mildsalsa

    New Driver *here*

    Jumped on the Uber craze about month ago. It's fun for the few hours I drive. I'm just dropping this thread in to start conversation with fellow/future Uber drivers. !. *Louisville/Ferncreek area. -zoom-zoom-