1. LAboy

    Cute Girls get Tips,UberEats

    I met a couple girls who do UberEats and postmates they told me they get tips most of the time especially from guys. They wear tight jeans and stuff boom haha. One girl told me she makes more with UberEats than any other app. I am not surprised though with all the pervs out here in LA haha. One...
  2. LAboy

    POSTMATES i get tips 98% of the time

    I was looking at my postmates history for this month, i hardly see any delivery without a tip Wow i may switch back to doing it, instead of UberEats. Postmates it's easier for me too,cuz they have a good system for cyclists, i like Ubereats mainly because they give me more orders, but postmates...
  3. LAboy

    UberEATS pay is awesome

    I cant complain about the pay of ubereats , i make good money on my bike in LA, just i dont know if its me that goes hard ,or its the pay thats great. I make enough money to buy food,clothes... Etc It's hard but i guess i am used to it, i have been biking and skating all my life, i hate cars...
  4. LAboy

    Took an Uber to deliver UberEATS

    I am a bike messenger for uber in LA , the ubereats app is not built for bikes really , they give any distance , any order , its just luck , i dont mind , but sometimes it surprise me with drinks ,some order there is no way you can make it , So last night , around 11 , i went to pick from five...
  5. eman1122

    Uber Rolling Out the "Ultimate" Driver's App

    And yet they still can't create a freaking tip option on the rider's side. They are the definition of clueless. http://www.wired.com/2015/10/uberredesign/#slide-x