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los angeles

  1. LAboy

    No boost at all, UberEats

    Do you all get boost these days in Los angeles cuz i believe they took it away, cuz my weekly earning went from 300 to 150 crazy , its like 3 bucks for a delivery. And no tips most of the time
  2. LAboy

    WEED DELIVERY, better than UberEATS...

    one guy last night told me about this place on melrose they created an app to deliver weed 24hr. he said they pay 15hr plus tips, is it really legit? what happen if the cops stop you? does anyone of you do this? if it's better paying than UberEATS then i am down what do you all think ? LA is...
  3. Ohawk

    Recently moved to riverside. Tips on making money in California.

    Hello everyone! I just recently moved to riverside. I've been driving for a few weeks now and haven't really had to many great weeks. I was wondering if there's any suggestions on where I should drive vs driving in the riverside area that I have been. I'm trying to make around 1,000 a week so...
  4. LAboy

    UberEATS deactivated me for SPEED

    * your account is put on hold for abnormal speed, you must be using a vehicle * So finally Uber decided to deactivate me too for a stupid reason, i signed up for a bicycle account and use my motorcycle, its not my fault they only have bicycle and car mode. I called them they said they will...
  5. Abek

    Question: Uber Weekly Promos

    So I got a 40 trips for $75 and 60 trips for $110. Does that mean if I complete the 40 trips I'll get $75 and if I do do 20 more rides for 60 I'll get another $110 on top of the $75 for a total of $185 or just the $75 + $35 for a total of $110. Thanx guys.
  6. U

    Rate Increase in LA

    What are your thoughts and comments about the rate increase?
  7. LindyBluesDriver

    Just testing the waters

    Hi, I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix that will probably get me low ratings at first, but I need this side job with out paying too much up front. I was considering doing the weekly rental, but for that money I could get my old girl detailed and probably buy some hubcaps. :) I am hoping to work just...
  8. LAboy

    One month 0 tips,UberEATS

    I was like what the F, my rating is at its best but zero tips, i made $890 it's all Uber money. We becoming like FRANCE, people don't tip at all. But i am satisfy with the Uber pay though, it's not bad working for only few hours a week. fun fact: i maybe one of the fastest delivery guy out here...
  9. LAboy

    Customers use UberEats for Pizza , no tip, cheaper delivery

    People take advantage of UberEats and screw its drivers like me. Recently i have beem getting many pizza orders, and so far no one tipped, when i asked one guy, he told its cheaper than ordering from a pizza place directly because the delivery fee is lower and they never tip the delivery driver...
  10. LAboy

    Canceled infront of a Customer, UberEATS

    So, last night i picked up two orders from a restaurants, i am on a motorcycle, when i am on the road there is no way to answer the phone, the second customer keeps on calling me and sending me rude texts, acting tough, i believe because he saw my profile pic i look like a young weak white boy...
  11. LAboy

    I will Vlog UberEATS on YOUTUBE, to EXPOSE

    Uber doesnt seem to believe me sometimes what some customers do, so i decided to buy a tiny gopro put it on my motorcycle helmet or my chest, i have to expose some MOFOs. haha cuz everyday it's a new story especially with a BIKE i wanna expose the non tippers and the rude @@@@@es, the liars...
  12. Uber7654

    Another Baxter street in the news..

    'Absolute Chaos': Navigation Apps Creating Traffic Problems on One of L.A.'s Steepest Streets, Residents Say http://on.ktla.com/hGUSY 32% grade. When you get to the top and stop, you feel like you’re hanging on a cliff. And on the way down you better pray your brakes won’t fail on you.
  13. LAboy

    1.5 Boost, is it for everyone ?

    I was wondering if everyone is getting 1.5 boost with UberEats, cuz god damn, all week 1.5 i hit my record earning for a week 450$ only working few hours. I wish the boost will stay like this forever, i guess its a win win for both parties ? Only the customer gotta pay extra haha I have been...
  14. LAboy

    Is Doordash WORTH it ??

    everyone is telling me to join Doordash too, i only work for UberEATS, i used to work for Postmates, but i dont like them i deleted it. can i make 300$ a week with Doordash, cuz i do with UberEATS ? how much you make per week with DD? do you i have to go to an interview to sign up ? can you...
  15. LAboy


    last night i got a flat on my bike, i had to get back home from marina del rey to hancock park. i left my motorcycle in some alley there and took an Uber, so i decided to try and save cuz i know how expensive will be to fix my Bike, So i decided to try Uber EXPRESS POOL, people say it's like a...
  16. LAboy

    UberEats is easier than Postmates

    For the newbies to delivery apps, the best one to work for is UberEats, its the easiest, basically you go to any restaurant pick up and drop off to curbside, other apps are too much work especially Postmates, you go you wait in line to order for someone for no tip haha F that, they deactivated...
  17. Daisy&Cream

    Why are LA and OC rates much lower than us?

    Does anyone know why? Places like Seattle, Chicago, SF, NY and Boston are being paid "big city" rates as you'd expect but LA is excluded from this. Why such big discrepancy?
  18. LAboy

    Uber takes 30%, to make it clear

    A lot of people say it takes 25% no its 30%, just wanna make this clear cuz a lot of people asked me. What i don't know is if its for UberEATS only? I like Uber and i appreciate their opportunity but it's a bit too much, i think they take the highest among the other delivery apps But recently...
  19. LAboy

    Having Fun, UberEATS motorcycle

    So ever since i switched to my motorcycle instead of the Bicycle, i am having fun with the deliveries, i drag race, i go everywhere from dtla to Malibu to the valley to the hood haha So customers don't really upset me now and Uber loves me more now cuz i deliver quicker lol the only issue i...
  20. LAboy

    UBER flagged my account, CUSTOMERS LIE

    Uber sent me an email saying uncompleted deliveries, late drop off, customers complain about not going to the door hahah a bunch of BS, i was like WTF. I called them, i knew its a lie, people would lie and put incomplete delivery just so that they can get your fired, people in LA are mental ill...