long trips

  1. Slappy113

    Long Trip Function Issue

    Driving on New Years Eve this past Monday - 2 of my trips were to NYC from CT. for both requests I did not see the "Long Trip +45 mins" pop up in the request flash on the UBER app. Did anyone else experience this recently? Would be a shame if this feature was taken away hence (Like a lot of...
  2. U

    113 TRIPS COMPARISON (OLD RATE VS NEW RATE) Shockingly Transparent

    Uber's reasoning to create a more consistent comp plan is fundamentally a crock of poop since successful drivers tailor their driving pattern to the style that works for them. For example, my focus has always been on the greatest distance with the least amount of time. My ideal airport run is...
  3. Retired Senior

    Looking only for a "long trip" I rejected 10 pings, and then.... nothing!

    OK, this seems a bit weird. I had read posts by drivers who were accused by uber of trying to game the system. I simply wanted a few long trips rather than a dozen 5 minute ones, so I kept rejecting them... "thanks, but no thanks". I was reading a science fiction novel and it gradually dawned...
  4. UberTakesMy$$$

    Would You?

    Any advise, criticisms, knowledge all welcome.
  5. Maven

    Advice For New Drivers

    Start by reading https://uberpeople.net/threads/advice-for-new-drivers.99316/ and https://uberpeople.net/threads/beginners-advice-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️.149152/ New York State specific information Rates, UberEats, Surcharges, Surges, Boosts, and Promotions See...
  6. SuperMario

    Getting Paid for Long Trips

    Every now and then I get an airport pax who requests a ride to Santa Fe, Tijeras, Soccoro, or other long distance trips. I then nicely explain to the passenger that they are requesting a long trip outside of my boundaries and that they are responsible for paying for the miles and time to allow...
  7. TAVO928

    What was the longest trip you had?

    My longest trip ever was one from the flamingo in SoBe to somewhere in Naples, FL.