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long island

  1. Banger10

    Grubhub regions on Long Island

    I’m hoping someone here has info as it seems impossible to get a response from Grubhub. When I signed up, you had to pick a “city” and the choices were, among others further away, Southern Nassau, Northern Nassau, Southampton, Commack, and Deer Park. Interesting how Nassau was North and South...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver allows his passenger to car surf resulting in his death

    http://longisland.news12.com/story/39418624/suffolk-da-uber-driver-caused-death-of-car-surfing-passenger HUNTINGTON STATION - An Uber driver has been charged in the car-surfing death of his passenger. The Suffolk County district attorney says the driver, who has not been identified, is...
  3. Vishnu643

    My 3 week experience with driving for Uber in Long Island (so far)

    So, as I said in previous threads I wanted to try to do Uber on the Island and I flipping did it. Been doing it for the past 3 weeks (so far) vs me doing it previously for NYC. No I didn't illegally use my TLC plates in Long Island...mainly because I don't have any. So there are some things I do...
  4. K

    Boosts long island

    what does everyone’s boosts look like for tomorrow? Pref Suffolk county
  5. Longislandcar

    Long island weeding out rif-raf pax.

    I've been driving now a couple months, and heres my observations on the ratings system. While I thought it was humourous at first, the car loads of drunk teenage (18, 19, 20), kids, the humour lasted about 5 mins. In order to avoid it, I'm avoiding picking up pax with a rating lower than around...
  6. burgerflipper

    Anyone here have a nyc suburbs account?

    It's far from being finalized, but there's a good chance I'll be leaving the city in a month or two, and in preparation I'd like to set up an nyc suburbs account, what I'd like to know, if any of you have done it, is whether they deactivate your city account when you apply. I've heard that's how...
  7. m35ken

    TLC GET all requests in LI?

    I know it's illegal for nyc TLC to pickup from LI, but do they actually get requests in the app? If so, do they get premium pings as well as regular. If you are a TLC driver, can you answer this from your own experiences? Just curious.
  8. shadowjos

    Drove two weeks, stopped. TNC insurance in Long Island, NY (NYC Suburbs)

    Hello dear friends, this is my first post. I called it quits yesterday after only two weeks of driving. I did some in depth research about the insurance situation here. My fault for not doing said research prior to beginning. My conclusion and opinion: If you don't have commercial insurance or...
  9. Maven

    Welcome to the New York Statewide Forum

    Welcome to this newly created "city" forum. It is intended to discuss statewide issues in a central place rather that in the individual city forums, which may have important information. You should continue posting questions and information unique to your area in the 6 city forums...
  10. Maven

    New York Statewide Forum

    Please vote in the Poll. I believe that there should be a new statewide forum for all of New York State. There are many issues that concern all drivers in New York State equally, for example: Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance Child-Safety seat Laws Trade-Dress laws Unaccompanied minors...
  11. U

    back to back trips to NYC!

    Hi, I just started Uber as my side gig and registered both on X ans XL. today was my 3rd day ubering! My first pickup today in Huntington took me Williams Berg, Brooklyn. Took me 1 hr and 15 mins to drop off and then app won't let me come back online until I by New Hyde Park which is about 45...
  12. icu207xd

    Show me the Money!!

    New to this Uber Thing.. Long Island is one of the most expensive to live in the U.S. Cost of living is extreme for everyone , except for the wealthy. finally I thought a great opportunity to stay out east and avoid the wear and tear of that daily grind driving in the city.plus work with a...
  13. M

    Your LI experiences after June 29th???

    So I signed up when Uber became legal for non tlc cars in Long Island. That July 4th weekend was pretty damn good. 300 bonus for 45 trips, surges left and right..... After? Not so much. Requests are coming at a painfully slow rate due to driver increase, min fares of 3.66 for a trip you spend...
  14. PeteyV

    Airbnb pool for hamptons?

    I'm usually the only driver in town. The people are amazing and I'm making hundreds a day despite Uber's fake surges. The 75mile commute is money and sleep lost for me. Anyone interested in going in on a airbnb house and killing it there? Let me know your contact info and dates you'd be...
  15. Maven

    RideSharing Spreads Across New York State

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/03/nyregion/uber-lyft-via-ride-sharing-new-york.html Relief and Trepidation as Ride Hailing Spreads Across New York NY Times - JULY 3, 2017 - By SARAH MASLIN NIR and JAMES BARRON Brian Rybak, an Uber driver, in East Hampton, N.Y. He recently began working for...
  16. T

    TLC vehicle and Private vehicle allowed same account?

    I want to add a private vehicle to drive in long island. Can i add in my tlc uber x account?
  17. Maven

    Blocked in NY State by Uber

    Anyone driving in NYC-Suburbs (Rockland, Westchester or Long Island) or Upstate-NY (all of New York State north of NYC-Suburbs) may see this message in the Uber driver-App if you are not currently authorized by Uber to drive in those service areas. This may include NYC-TLC plated drivers, who...
  18. Maven

    Suburb or Upstate?

    Uber and Lyft both consider Westchester County and Long Island to be NYC Suburbs, not Upstate NY. Rockland County is considered Upstate NY, not NYC Suburbs. Here's Uber's map of "Upstate". Rockland is clearly part of Upstate. Expect different a different (lower) rate structure in Upstate-NY...
  19. 3

    Long Island, westchester worth it?

    What's up guys, pretty new to this. I'm currently a car salesperson and I'm 22 years old. I plan on going back to college in the fall and working Uber/lyft to make some money while I pursue a degree. I don't plan on doing it for more than 4 years and anything after that would be quick trips on...
  20. Maven

    Upstate NY

    Vote in the Poll and reply to this thread to indicate your interest/participation is a particular city in Upstate New York. We need at least 3 for the Admin to create a new city according to current forum rules. Admin, please create one or more new "cities" for Upstate NY. Uber and Lyft are...