long distance

  1. Uber_Yota_916

    Long distance pickup fee no more

    Talked with a CSR about getting reimbursed for picking up a rider that was a long distance pick up. She paid me out the $5 but said that it will no longer be an option. I responded that I guess I am not picking up anyone who is considered a long distance pick up anymore. For a minute I...
  2. Bryanmv

    Fairfield CT drivers Airport question/long trips

    Hello Everyone ! My question is i live in Faifield County CT and i get a lot of trips to JFK/LAGUARDIA and Newark airports . They are all good pay but i don't get paid for my way back home. I know for JFK and Laguardia for return you need a nyc tlc license. But what about Newark? or any other...
  3. QueenOfTheDrive

    Airport Share Ride Story

    So I received a pax yesterday that was headed to Newark Airport . And hour drive from where I picked him up ... he told me which terminal he was going to and me never being to the airport I had no clue what he was talking about but I went with it and made it to the airport on time for his flight...
  4. Uber Eater

    UberEats 20 min away delivery requests

    New to the forum. I live in the outskirts of the Chicago Suburbs. I just started doing uber eats like a week ago. I don't have a problem with driving 15-20 min to pick up food, but I think its kind of unfair that I don't get compensated at least a little by driving 5-6 miles there. If I'm...
  5. Wraiththe

    VAPING POT in my car and lying about it! (and dangerous conditions.)

    Hi, Was 5 mins from home with a last ride in the car when I was pinged. (late evening.) Feeling a little greedy I accepted (while driving.) It was below freezing in Icy conditions... actually quite treacherous. (thought it was a quick ride.) Nope. I tried to call the ride and ask if...
  6. B

    I found a unicorn last night, and I rode it

    After getting all X rides throughout the day, and not much XL, the evening falls, and I head to edge of 1.4 boost zone and turn to only XL mode not expecting much, and giving me some time to take a much needed nap. 10 minutes later, I get a long distance XL request at 1.4 boost, where is this...
  7. mrDEE630

    What's your longest trip

    well, I'm planning on being out of town for the weekend and holiday so I figured I'd work a few hours I normally don't on the weekdays to make up for that missed time and caught the longest trip to date in the process lol Picked up at pdx and took passengers to tillamook. Probably wouldn't have...
  8. SMH Uber

    Buffalo Bills Player takes $632 Uber Ride to Buffalo, NY from Ohare

    Saw this just now on the CBS2 news. Found full article on wapo. ******** Uber from Chicago to Buffalo: $900. Friendship between Bills player and driver: Priceless. By Marissa Payne June 7 Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright found himself in a bind on Sunday night. He badly wanted to...
  9. xl HeiZ lx

    Using destination at airports now resets your position in queue

    Wow. Just when I thought uber couldn't make it's airport queue any more inefficient, they go and do this, and completely make me reevaluate my driving tenure with them. I have been doing primarily airport rides for the last 6 months. About three months ago, I figured out that if you set a...
  10. MikeOh

    Avoiding long distance rides

    Somewhat new Lyft driver here with one question: Is there anyway to see passenger destination BEFORE accepting the ride? I was stuck with 2 rides that took me 100mi from my home. And of course no requests heading back so that duration/mileage was on me.
  11. eyewall

    Request to go to Flushing Queens

    I had a request to go to Flushing Queens from the quality Inn. It was very sketch and appeared to be someone associated with either human trafficking or drugs. I didnt take it.
  12. R

    Unexpected long trip

    I usually don't drive on Sundays but since there was a guarantee, I figured why not. Started at about Noon and got my first ride from Vancouver to the downtown Portland. I figired it was gonna be slow, and I was right. I drove around for a little bit then parked. I got tired of sitting at that...
  13. JCHeights

    This is a fun story

  14. H

    Trip to Philadelphia

    Let me know you guys opinions. Spent about $70 on gas & tolls. Trip was from Wilton, CT at 5:18 and got home at 12pm
  15. z31_faceecaf_13z

    Lyft - 27 minutes?

    I like to work really early in the morning and start on the far west suburbs. This morning I got a request 27 minutes away in DT Mpls. Rejected Then one 22 minutes away...rejected. They cant expect me to accept something like that can they?
  16. tiveba

    Faaaaaaakkkkeeeee Surges

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but from my understanding a surge means it's not enough drivers out to meet the demands of the riders? I'm asking since today while I was out...I would constantly be dead in the middle of a surging area but only get requests from outside of the surging area....How...
  17. J

    Long distance trips

    There should be a way to see if the trip is long distance (NYC/NJ) before you accept it. I have a part time job and if I have to be there by 12 noon and get a long distance trip at 11am. Chances are I have to decline that trip or risk being late to my job.
  18. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    What can I do about this situation?

    I made a pick-up on main street in fort lee about 4:00pm and pax was going to Kennedy Blvd in union city. The GPS was saying take 95 south the turnpike and she wanted me to take river road to avoid the toll. Turnpike was going to be 20 minutes and river road was like 45 minutes.. I took river...
  19. P

    DTW to Fenton

    We are flying into DTW July 2nd. We want to be picked up at DTW and driven to Fenton, MI. I'm wondering if we will have a problem with Uber driver's not wanting to take the trip since its a little over an hour away? I've tried to contact Uber directly but just got a bunch of form letter emails...
  20. J

    Cancelling at trip due to distance after starting it and getting rated by rider

    Hey guys, Im pretty sure that some of you know what to do in the following situation. I tried getting an answer from CSRs and we went back and forth 9 times and I always get an answer that is completely irrelevant to my question. Ill try to be as short and precise as possible. A few nights ago...