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  1. BurgerTiime

    Uber Plans to Stop Giving Drivers a Log of Your Exact Pickup and Drop-Off Locations

    https://gizmodo.com/uber-plans-to-stop-giving-drivers-a-log-of-your-exact-p-1825420232 In a pilot program launching soon, Uber will begin obscuring riders’ exact pickup and drop-off locations in the trip history displayed to drivers. Instead, it will display a broader location area. The...
  2. D

    tax deductions milage

    Hello i recently started driving and wanted to be sure i get the 0.56 or so per mile deductions as expenses for driving , what sort of log do i need to keep and what is allowed to be logged? can i log my milage when i turn on the app and log it again when it ends ( ideal simple method ). can i...
  3. C

    how do you log your miles?

    I just started doing lyft and I have only put about 7 hours in.. . I was wondering, how do you track your miles? I asked my CPA but was wondering, do you only log when you are in driver mode? what if I turn it off and head to the surge? or the gas station? What if don't deduct these? Also, what...
  4. AllenChicago

    Lyft Software Application: Questions & Observations.

    February 11, 2016 Does anyone know if there is a Change-Update LOG that shows what Lyft is changing when it pushes out Lyft Application updates every week? Never seen a company push out weekly application changes/updates before. I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. But it...
  5. delock51

    Trip Log - Anyone?

    Was looking into information about how to do my uber taxes and came across this. https://triplogmileage.com/IRS-Uber-tax-deduction.html I downloaded the app and it appears to be working fine. My question is, has anyone else used this? If so, do you recommend it? what do I do with the...