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  1. Kevnation

    Door Dasher log in error?!?

    As title states.. anyone having a door dash sign in problem?? Mine keeps flashing "signing in"... But nothing is happening. Over WiFi. Over cellular. Nothing...
  2. F

    Background Check Bollocks

    I'm new to posting but I've been on the boards as a guest for a while, hello Uber people =)... So on February 28th I got an email saying that my background check needed to be redone etc, so as we sit here on April 9th I got my background check back on Friday the 6th, seems like I'd be good to...
  3. K

    Literally no sign in button!!

    There is no sign in button on the app to sign into my account. Only an option to enter my mobile number(that's already in use) and an option to sign up with my social media... No sign in button. Am I missing something? I can sign in online but not on the app
  4. A

    Lies, Deception or Incompetence

    So started driving again after a long time... it seems when ever there is a surge I keep getting rides outside the surge zone.. like 12 to 20 minutes away?.. NOW I cannot sign in? as it says I am not in my registered area o.0? Okkkkkkk..... Than it says documents need update (O/O) .. got back...
  5. Shortstuff916

    log in error

    Everytime I try to log in as a driver it's giving me an error code: 500 Is anyone else having this issue? I'm trying to submit my vehicle inspection form.