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  1. Handsome

    (help please) One year license requirement

    I am new here, i need some positive suggestions regarding license issue. In chicago, my license isnt one year old (as the requirements of lyft and uber are YOUR LICENSE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE YEAR OLD) Is there any other way to get rid of this one year requirement? Please dont suggest to photoshop...
  2. burgerflipper

    diaz bill hurts black car/livery drivers

    how is diaz bill supposed to help base drivers when it limits drivers to one base. many base drivers rely on uber when base is slow, just ask the base drivers on this forum. the result of the diaz bill will be that many base drivers will switch to uber since the base alone doesnt provide enough...
  3. U

    Different income streams uber, lyft, etc. Any more ideas?

    Anyone know of livery/limo companies I can sign on with to help my current income stream? Or any other companies such as uber and lyft? Let me know what you guys think. Currently working on getting my hard card now.
  4. M

    Veteran uber driver has a serious problem

    Hi Uber drivers , Uber technical support representatives My problem is that I cann't get any requests from the airport , I drive uber xl livery which is uber xl with commercial tags " for hire plates ", basically my car disappears whenever I request my car at the airport. The following...
  5. M

    Veteran uber drivers needs help

  6. D

    Livery Insurance Options

    I currently am using Progressive for livery commercial insurance here in Colorado. My renewal rate increased by more than 30% this year. I am having difficulty getting quotes with other insurance providers. Is Progressive the only game in Colorado or can someone recommend other insurance...