1. RogerJS

    When will we get our litigation checks

    It’s official but when is payday ?
  2. BurgerTiime

    23% percent of women surveyed said they've had to report an uncomfortable encounter with a driver

    Full: While Uber and Lyft present safe alternatives to drinking and driving, there are other dangers associated with the ride-share app. Many riders have reported instances...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Lyft has been served a cease-and-desist Xiaomi, the electric scooter manufacturer that a handful of the shared electric scooter services in the U.S. (like ones from Lyft, Spin and Bird) rely on, has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Lyft. In...
  4. R

    Drivers United

    To: MICHELE ARINGTON Assistant General Counsel FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION '........................................ Goodmorning, Ms. Arington: It is with great interest and disbelief the DRIVER SERVICES INDUSTRY has been watching and waiting for the FTC and DOJ to intervene on STATE ACTION...
  5. MyOwnUber

    Litigation against Uber and Lyft (Class Action Lawsuit)

    I heard today a radio advertisement detailing a class action suit. I phoned 800-214-9179 and the person who answered provided me the website Apparently, currently active Uber and Lyft drivers nationwide are entitled to some funds with a settlement reached by both. I no...
  6. U

    Stop complaining about Pax not tipping

    There is a reason that majority of people on the uber app don’t tip . I can’t get into the details as to why right now but. I will say it’s Uber’s fault and it’s not because they got them used to not tipping. I’m sure there must be a few on here that can figure it out . I’ll just say Uber wants...

    AUSTRALIA | 'Uber litigation may alter the meaning of work'

    AUSTRALIA | 'Uber litigation may alter the meaning of work' by Marianna Papadakis, Australian Financial Review, [see excerpt]