1. DollarFree

    New EDD Helpline

    The new one is up & running. It has a new phone number: 833-978-2511 It's as overloaded as before, but I was able to get into the queue... If it replies with "Thank-you..." - hang-up, (that message tells u the queue is full & goodbye) and call again. When it replied with "Welcome to..", I...
  2. Marco Solo

    Does Lyft cheat us on distance earnings for Shared rides?

    In June 2018, member Minoux9556, a former worker at Gryft Call Support, revealed this in the Stories Forum: "Line rides are the biggest rip offs EVER. Lots of drivers know this but for new people. You only get paid the distance from the very first pick up to the very last drop off and you’re...
  3. N

    Lyft Line is now Lyft Shared, other ride types renamed

    Awesome! Glad they came to their senses. I heard this rumor but didn't believe it. Just saw the update in my driver app. More changes to the other names as well (i.e. Plus is now "XL")...
  4. Mista T

    New name for Line rides

    Lyft says that about 35% of their business now is Line rides. But for some reason, they want to change the name to Shared Rides. And they plan on highlighting to pax (when ordering a regular ride) if a Shared Ride option is available for the route they are taking.
  5. I

    When pool passengers enter wrong address

    I would like to know how do you handle these kind of situations ?? It has happened to me many times, I wonder does this also happen to you?? When cheap ass passenger orders pool or line and enters wrong address or ( they donot know where are they going ) and they want me to drive around the...
  6. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Anyone get LYFT Line requests on the weekend?

    Hello Lyft Drivers, Did anyone get Lyft Line Requests on the weekend? I did not get even one, when driving on Saturday and Sunday. o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
  7. ub3r1can

    ** Beware ** Lyft Line Scam

    I picked up a Lyft Line and just before hitting the highway I got a match which I ignored thinking that the 2nd rider will eventually cancel as it sees me driving away. Well, the 2nd rider was not canceling and I was already more than 7 miles away. While trying to get to cancel that 2nd rider...
  8. SuzeCB

    I cheapest out yesterday...

    ...and took Lyft Line rides to get to and from Downtown Newark... The rates were a full $5 below the price of Lyft or Uber X... Distance was 5.3 miles. Travel time was about 20 minutes. We picked up people along the way, and I didn't complain. That's why it was about $5 cheaper in price. PT was...
  9. Phasmatrope

    Still no way to cancel stops on a Pool/Line right?

    Wondering if anyone here knows if either Lyft Line or Uber Pool have changed things, so that you're able to cancel stops on either, without canceling the entire trip?? I mainly just ask because I just saw this Buzzfeed article about how pax are using rideshare instead of ambulances to get to...
  10. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Any difference between Uber Pool and LYFT Line?

    Hello Community, please advise your experience on whether there is any difference between Uber Poo* and Lyft line? As well, has anyone gotten a Lyft Line request? I have not received one yet since driving Lyft from December, 2017.
  11. I

    Poll about POOL and LINE rides

    Lots of opinions out there about how to handle POOL and LINE rides. Please answer these poll questions. Perhaps consensus will reveal some truth.
  12. BurgerTiime

    Passenger beats the crap out of other passenger when she's told she will not be dropped off first! A shared Lyft ride left Jose Gonzalez’s forehead pierced by a woman’s high-heel shoe and his lip and face bloodied and bruised, after he said he was beaten by an irate passenger. Gonzalez told WPLG Local 10 that he’d hailed...
  13. JFrancis

    Google maps frequent crashes in Line rides

    Just wondering... does anyone else have frequent Google Maps crashes during Line rides when you have rider(s), and at the point when another rider is added. Note I am running with Maps called separate from Lyft app, not the embedded option. Also note, one reason I do line rides is I need all...
  14. JFrancis

    Have you had Line riders added "silently?

    This may be due to senior moments or inattention on my part, but... while in the course of a Line ride, at times additional passengers are added (or removed), without the verbal announcement and the drop down gray bar at the top of the screen that says "Rerouting...". The only indicator is that...
  15. D

    Tolls and Line/Pool

    If I take a pool/line ride with 2 separate pax's, and we go through a toll with both riders together, I wonder, Does Luber charge both the full toll, or do they cut it in half?
  16. suland

    Ultimate guide: how to trick the FIFO queue system (XL,LUX,SUV)

    This trick was here for years, but after late app update with the possibility to change the service without going offline made it much easier to use. 1. Get closer to the FIFO zone, but don’t get into it. 2. Turn on all 4 services (X,XL,LUX,SUV), or those that you have with X. 3. Go online...
  17. D

    Lyft Riders can now switch from Line to Lyft during ride??

    So I had a ride a couple days ago, that I am pretty sure started out as Line, because I received a second pax shortly after picking up first pax. 2nd pax cancelled and when we got to drop-off for first, after dropping her kids at school wanted me to continue further down the street. I started...
  18. HiDuuken

    Is it just me or is Line rides better than Lyft rides.

    If I get a Lyft ride I can expect it to be short 6 out of 10 times with a single digit payout. But if it's a Line ride it's more likely to end up being a double digit payout 8 out of 10 times. And with the price match, it makes things that much better. Never thought I'd be more excited to see a...
  19. UberAnt39

    UberPool rates going up...

    What Lyft does today, Uber does tomorrow... Starting today, we've increased rates for time and distance on Lyft Line rides nationwide - they now match original Lyft, wherever you drive.