1. F

    Uber Lawsuit Go Time in Florida

    Goodmorning, Mr Patronis, Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida: This communication is to advise you of pending legal action against the State of Florida per: 768.28(6)(a) and (b): According to section 768.28(6)(a): An action may not be instituted on a claim against the state or...
  2. rdhall3637

    Using a Limo for Uber

    Will Uber approve a full size limo for use on XL, Select, etc.? Party bus?

    Are you a Limousine Operator ? Make up to $2100 a week

    Hello Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are looking to contract with 100 Licensed Limousine Operators in Las Vegas this week. ON THE SPOT INTERVIEWS ARE BEING HELD ON March 13th - March 21st We will be in Las Vegas for one week only. We will be recruiting Independent Limousine...

    Make $2100 per week (On the spot Interviews)

    On the spot Interviews being held Feb 9th- Feb 14th ! Hello Drivers, 
We are ProDriver and we will be in Miami for one week only! We are recruiting drivers for lucrative contract jobs, with major Limousine companies & luxury TNC app’s. The average trips pays out about $100 per "airport run"...
  5. U

    Different income streams uber, lyft, etc. Any more ideas?

    Anyone know of livery/limo companies I can sign on with to help my current income stream? Or any other companies such as uber and lyft? Let me know what you guys think. Currently working on getting my hard card now.
  6. Dallas007

    Why do the Limo's get their own curb section?

    After getting my ticket for 'allegedly :) ' using the 'Limo curb' (see Love Field Tickets)... I began wondering why Limo's need that much curb space anyway - in fact up until recently they did not have 1/4 of all the curb space; they had ~ 1 space where they were called to as PAX arrived - i...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Sting reveals limo drivers posing as Uber drivers to make quick cash
  8. MrsUberJax

    Lyft Merger with Limo company in the works... This is an interesting Article that hit the airwaves yesterday. Just wanted to make sure that Jax Folks get to see into what is happening in the industry. Nothing is written in stone, but it's amazing how...
  9. Lincoln Fleet

    Must Sell: 2015 Lincoln MKT Towncar w/ LOW MILES!!!!

    Just in: 2015 Lincoln MKT Towncar AWD Like new, extremely clean. Low miles, LOW PRICE! Fully Loaded. Call Patricia at 904-382-7561. Miles:7700 Exterior: Black Interior: Black Certified Pre-owned, warranty, FREE maintenance and MORE! NOTE: This vehicle not available to public yet but will be...
  10. Vegas E

    Crazies Drive Taxi's, Criminals Drive Limos

    I heard this saying when I first started driving Taxi here in Vegas years ago. Now that I have driven limos, taxi and Uber I realize how true that saying is here in Vegas. Just got off the phone with one of my Taxi driver buddies I drove with for years. Got fired because he forgot he was driving...