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  1. C

    Visiting SLC, advice much appreciated

    Hi folks. I've posted this type of thread before in other community sections as well as in the general advice section, so some of you might recognize me if you frequent those. I am coming to SLC in may (All the way from Canada) to attend RPG Limit Break. If I need an Uber, how many of you would...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Did you know Uber and Lyft have tip limits?

    https://www.cnet.com/news/uber-tip-limit-for-drivers-ride-hailing-lyft/ If you want to leave a generous tip for your Uber driver, you may have to use cash because the ride-hailing app has a ceiling. Lyft has tipping limits, too. Denise can't exactly remember the number of stops she made...
  3. O

    Nevada- to limit drivers to 16hour days per 24 period

    Just received this email today, looks like there will be a time online limit, this will really hurt the tweekers and speed freaks. Also this rule applies to all apps, not sure how anyone can monitor, unless states will have access to live driver "time online" updates.
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber is planning to limit the number of hours drivers work

  5. D

    Amazon weekly limit?

    I would like to know if there is a daily/weekly limit to pick up shifts? I serve the DMI2 warehouse in Miami. Weird thing just happened. They opened a 2nd shift and couldn't see it. My friend was next to me and logged in a minute after than me was able to pick it up. I was refreshing and nothing...
  6. steelos_trip

    what is the minimum year requirements for cars

    Just wondering if anyone out in Miami South Beach knows the answer to this question, thanks.