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  1. T

    Many people going schizo during quarantine!

    During these unprecedented times I stumble upon frequent articles of people going crazy during the pandemic. Here’s what I’ve learned 1. Don’t live above your means! 2. Always keep enough savings to cover at least 2 months of your regular expenses. 3. It’s a good time to quit smoking! Bought...
  2. Cou-ber

    How was your weekend?

    So I was sick in more than one way and made 3 trips total for $61. Don’t think this requires a screen shot but how did all others do? Hope well! Go stros!
  3. Kawiz03

    Megamillions tonight!!

    Get your tickets maybe we can escape the uber life and get ubered around instead lol
  4. RUSSREED2.0

    I'm Winning Are You?!!!

    Well everyone we are reaching the end of 2016! Uber has changed my life in numerous ways: (1) I will say, I have more work freedom (2) I'm actually enjoying life (3) In some regards my stress has dropped 100 fold. I'm bringing this up because we do for the most part have an fairly easy job...
  5. afrojoe824

    Figured out how to make $100k a year on UberX

    Figured out how to earn "up to" $100k a year on UberX platform. After carefully studying Optimus Uber strategy and patterns, the silent lurker/apprentice is now ready to take the throne. Optimus has proven he made over $100k. Just watch this Uber X'er make that much as well. How you guys may...
  6. Cou-ber

    Can Lyft come back already??

    What do we need to do to convince Lyft to come back here? If it originally left because it didn't think we'd pay for the licensing fees, we've proven it's wrong. Uber has established the market is here and one glance at the Houston forum would prove we, its future drivers, are eager and willing...