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  1. BurgerTiime

    Uber’s Big Lie

  2. T

    Lyft is being dishonest about the percentage of the fare they keep?

    So I am relatively new to Lyft, and I have never driven for Uber. From what I understand Lyft claims it keeps 20%. Lately I've had some passengers tell me what they paid for the ride and after doing the math it looks like Lyft is getting 50% of the fare in many cases! How is this not...
  3. H

    Sex, LIES, and food

    Longtime lurker received great advice from this forum almost 3 years time to give back. Been doing ubereats last couple of weeks new in my market and paying pretty well for the time. I was recently told by customer support that it is FORBIDDEN to ask for tips for ubereats and requested...
  4. D

    Follow up on Uber cheating drivers and riders at DFW on fares

    So like the rest of you I thought the last poster that created the aptly named thread was crazy and ignored her/the post after reading it. And then it happened to me.... Picked up a lady at DFW coming home after business travel. She came in around 5 p.m. on American so it was a terminal C...
  5. A

    Uber Lies to their Drivers

    So here is what happened..... I was on a ubereats delivery trip and went into an apartment (19th floor). I kept knocking at the door for 20 minutes and nobody answered. The phone does not work in a closed building lobby so I had to come down to call the person. She picked up the phone and said I...
  6. Andre445

    B.S issue feedback

    So today I updated my uber app and I saw couple of new issues comment like one about cleaning / one attitude and one dangerous driving . Cleaning car is bullshit because I always keep my car clean and attitude , I don't remember single problem last 100 trips !! I heard from couple of other...
  7. SMH Uber

    Mysterious Deduction: Check your pay statements throughly! Riders Cheat and Steal

    Thoroughly**** (I couldnt update the title for you grammar police people) If fellow posters have said it once, twice , three times or more. Check your statements! I haven't been doing that until today. I did notice a reduction in my pay statement this week. Found the culprit trip. I email Uber...
  8. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Sneaky Uber:displaying untruthful hours online

    I've been online for over 2 hours today and Uber app shows I've only been online for 14 mins- that's about the duration of my first trip...? Is this to trick me into thinking my hourly rate is higher than it is?
  9. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Surge is just bait for drivers

    I've been sitting in the middle of a HUGE surge area and all I'm getting in non-surge trips. I feel violated. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Why doesn't the ACCC step in here?