1. C

    Expired TLC license renewal

    Hello guys! I wonder if I will be able to renew my expired license after a year of the expiration date.
  2. Daniello

    No more new TLC License

    Why is TLC allowing unlimited number of people apply for TLC License at the same time complaining about Congestion, Since the Cap was put in place Last August more than 10,000 new TLC License was issued and all these growing number of driver starting to get frustrated cauz they stuck in the...
  3. Pax Collector

    Trucking school (Update)

    Well folks, I'm officially a Class-A CDL holder and couldn't be any happier. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Thank you all for your kind wishes. I haven't driven rideshare in almost three months and I don't plan on going back any time soon (If ever). I have a couple of...
  4. Daniello

    How can I get started on Yellow Cab?

    There are so many detail instruction on how to become an Uber or lyft driver all over the internet? But what about Yellow cab?
  5. Daniello

    Is there any advantage of applying for TLC LIcense earlier?

    I plan to buy a new Car and drive for Uber once the NYC Cap is lifted in August, Is it better to apply for TLC License right now or should I just wait till June or July to apply, Only disadvantage of getting TLC License earlier that I can think of is that License will expire earlier. but what...
  6. mindtn

    Question about business license

    Hi guys, I'm a new driver here. I live in Santa Clara and I'm planning to drive part-time and I might be dropping-off and pick-up passengers in and outside of Santa Clara such as San Francisco and San Jose. I understand that I have to apply for a business license and I've been wondering how much...
  7. LadyJ8A

    Background Check Minimum 1 Year Driving?

    My question is... Does Uber Background check qualify driving with Learner's Permit as valid licensed driving experience? A learner's permit is literally a valid driver's license with restrictions "With that in mind, a learner's permit is permission to drive even though it comes with certain...
  8. DollarFree


    Why do this?
  9. S


    Does anyone know why my ptc license hasn’t shown up in the app yet? I have the email confirming that I have it, it even has a license number in the email. I know it’s says not required but it is required to drive in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville or else you can get charged. I’ve called Uber...
  10. Handsome

    (help please) One year license requirement

    I am new here, i need some positive suggestions regarding license issue. In chicago, my license isnt one year old (as the requirements of lyft and uber are YOUR LICENSE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE YEAR OLD) Is there any other way to get rid of this one year requirement? Please dont suggest to photoshop...
  11. S

    Can I drive in New York with a PA license?

    I live about 15 miles from the city I want to drive in, but it's in another state (New York.) The closest PA city to drive in is 45 miles away. I'm still waiting to be approved to drive. My background check says "consider" and my license, insurance, and registration is approved. My profile...
  12. P

    Waited Too Long

    I was supposed to take my drug test before April 1st to avoid suspension and never got around to it. Tlc compliance said my license would be suspended if I didn't. Finally took it today but Idk if my liscense has been suspended and I don't want to risk driving and getting pulled over. Is there...
  13. BurgerTiime

    City issues Uber a $3.5 million ticket & only 6mo exstention PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) -- The city has fined Uber nearly $3.5 million and renewed its permit to operate in Portland for just six months instead of a year — essentially putting it on...
  14. Iamfoodgod

    To all Washington eats drivers...

    How many of you guys have business licenses? I have been operating eats making between 11-15$ an hour(after expenses deducted) as a part time gig. I have recently found out there have been police stings for Uber x drivers in the past and as a result looked up my city's regulations on TNC...
  15. K

    Start up

    Just starting up and I just want to make sure I'm not setting myself up for failure. Any advice is much appreciated. :) I am cleared to be a driver... Do I need to apply for a GE License? If yes, how do I do it in Hawaii? Do I need to put the sticker on my dash? If yes, how do I get one? Is...
  16. UberPete1911

    Funny license plates...

    What you got? I hailed the driver and told him that those are some good plates.. He got a laugh out of it and and said thanks.
  17. S

    Uber says I already have a duplicate account / identity stolen?

    Has anyone heard of anything like this happening before? I went to apply for Uber for the very First time yesterday. My application got rejected immediately and after going through customer service chat, they said I already have an account under another e-mail address. An e-mail I've never...
  18. ROI MBA

    Limo/Black 2018 Changes, News & Info?

    What's up ...... for 2018? GOT!! news, info or changes to suggest for 2018? Will Uber be adding or limiting CDL/Limo/Black Drivers in your area? Which SUV's and insurance are you using. Most of all, vote, for the highest TL $$$ mode in 2018? Black, SUV, Select or XL?
  19. Ahmed Nafis

    Help (Urgent)

    Hi..! I’m a new guy..! Used to work as a yellow driver. Right now I’ve got a chance to buy a car. Can anybody tell me from the beginning what should I do to register my car for TLC and then get certified to work with Uber/Lyft ..? My DMV license is more than a year less than 2 years And TLC...
  20. GypsyJoker

    Yahoo for 182!

    One License to Rule them all, and in each city Bind Them! Who says Uber Corporate doesn't have our back! "Thank you for showing support for Senate Bill 182. Last Friday, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 182 into law, which represented a big win for drivers in California. The new law ensures the...