license fees

  1. RUSSREED2.0


    This is what they are doing to keep us from becoming employees . Peddling this again...
  2. PDX-Corvallis Driver

    Can I set address to other Oregon city when applying Portland Business License?

    I'm trying to obtain Portland Business License. Could I set the address as my home address in another Oregon city (Corvallis)? I intend to pick up rideshare between Corvallis and Portland on weekends. Could this work? I'm very new to Uber.
  3. naplestom75

    Collier refunding VFH license fees

    Got a letter today saying they are refunding prorated amounts depending on when you last renewed etc. ? Interesting.
  4. G

    Uber is collecting TNC license fees

    Gotta love it. Just received a text from Uber stating that they are deducting the $11.01 TNC license from my earnings last week. WTH?!? If it's not one thing it's another.