1. RUSSREED2.0


    This is what they are doing to keep us from becoming employees . Peddling this again...
  2. B

    Hopp have a licence!

    HOPP have their licence, apparently they're onboarding alot of drivers again
  3. S

    How do I partner in Milton Keynes??

    Hi guys, I have been a private hire driver in Milton Keynes for over 10years now and was wondering how do I go about getting onto Uber in MK? Which Greenlight Hub do I go to?
  4. ZenUber

    Pax can search our licence plate for $14.95

    I got curious about this, so I did a google search. There are a ton of web sites that do licence plate searches. Turns out it only costs 14.95 for a one time search. The get out full name, registration details, and other police records. Sounds like enough to track us down if they want to. I'm...
  5. S

    Uber licence requirements in WA

    Do I need an F extension or is a T extension sufficient? The Uber website has confusing information
  6. DollarFree

    License Plate or Not

    What’d you reckon for your dashcam, set it up to include your license plate number on the video, or not?
  7. S

    PHV Licence Discs

    I have a question about the duty of PHV licence holders to display licence disc on front and rear of the vehicle. Are the discs installed on the car permanently or they can be removed easily during the times that the vehicle is not used for private hire?
  8. UberLondonGuy

    PCO Licence Application completed

    Posted my PCO Application last Wednesday 15th August 2018. Visited the Uber Office Monday 20th to attend the Uber Ignition but I didn't need to be there as I already completed my PCO Application. Got a free A-Z and was offered lessons for the Topographical Test. "I got 19 years experience as...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver with suspended license jumps curb and plows into two people; injuring 2 others

    Full story: Four people were hurt when an SUV jumped a curb in NYC, crashed into two pedestrians and screamed into a cellphone store and a restaurant An SUV jumped a curb in Chelsea and slammed...
  10. BurgerTiime

    California says Uber is classified as a transportation firm and owes back fees!

    State regulator ruling could cost Uber ‘millions State regulators changed how they legally classify ride-hail giant Uber on Thursday, a technical move that may cost the company millions of dollars. The California Public...
  11. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Digital Licence Plates

    Hello Community, We are in a brave new world, as everyone and everything is becoming digital including Licence Plates. They are testing this now in Dubai. My only concern is this the beginning of the end of privacy as big brother can now track exactly where you have been. And what about...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Egypts high court bans Uber Egypt suspended the licenses of ride-hailing companies Uber and Careem on Tuesday, in a court ruling after taxi drivers sought to shut down the two firms’ operations in the country, judicial sources said. Forty-two...
  13. BurgerTiime

    After rejecting Uber, London renews Addison Lee's license LONDON (Reuters) - London has renewed premium car service Addison Lee’s license to operate in the capital for the next five years, less than four months after Uber...
  14. Y

    To be a driver. Working Holiday visa 417

    I have a working holiday visa and a driver licence. I've been driving for more than 1 year here in Sydney. My vehicle is 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Manual. Can I be a Uber driver? and can I use my car for Uber?
  15. BurgerTiime

    89-Year-Old Woman Killed in Brooklyn Car Crash Police: 89-Year-Old Uber Passenger Killed in Crash New York City police say a crash involving an Uber vehicle has left an 89-year-old woman dead and two others injured...
  16. Roger Oveur-Andaut

    Demise of green and white licences

    I have been absent from this forum for a while and on returning, I've found it difficult to synthesise all the threads regarding whether the green and white licences (officially termed "Licence to operate a ride-share vehicle") issued by the ACT Road Transport Authority were still being issued...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Uber's London license revoke...STICKS! No quick win for Uber in London over license loss Disappointment for Uber today if it was hoping an apology and a personal visit from its new CEO would quickly reboot relations with the local transport...
  18. BurgerTiime

    Uber may have to pay $4 million license fee in London Uber will face a big jump in the fee it pays to operate in London to 2.9 million pounds if the ride hailing company is granted a new license by the city's transport authority. Transport for London said on Monday companies with more than...
  19. Infrequent

    Uber to appeal against English tests for drivers

    According to the BBC news website, relating to London Uber drivers. If interested, google the thread title, or go to the BBC news website and search.
  20. MrSmz

    PTC licence suspension

    i recently received two bylaw fines in Toronto for 1. not having uber sticker displayed and 2. not having a physical copy of the safety certificate. i went to municipal office for early resolution but 2 weeks later i got a message from uber saying my ptc licence was suspended. i message the...