1. Nina2

    Can you Uber or Lyft with liability only insurance

    I am thinking of changing insurance from full coverage to liability only insurance can you Uber or Lyft with liability only insurance or do you need full insurance
  2. Antvirus

    I Guess It's OUR Responsibility To Educate The Public About Car Seats?

    These ants are at your service! If they don't do it, who will? What a joke... Shuffle on folks!
  3. BurgerTiime

    Yet another driver sued over accident

    Jessica Christie, 23, of Concord, was struck and killed in San Francisco on Nov. 5, 2018 by an Uber driver on the 700 block of Broadway. In case you didn’t realize there’s hundreds drivers all...
  4. calipool222

    Hertz rental accident insurance

    Is ther a good thread or site for advice on how to protect myself from liability and fees. I was recently in an accident with hertz uber rental car in Los Angelles. Need help before I speak to rental insurance on how to handle. Must protect from worse case scenario if it ends up being my fault...
  5. IamtheShoe2u

  6. BurgerTiime

    Final Four coming to Minneapolis and thinking about becoming a rideshare driver?

    You should think again. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The 2019 Final Four will mark yet another big-time event for Twin Cities tourism. With the increase in car and foot traffic comes...
  7. TheDriver2011

    Am I Liable for "squishers" ?

    All too often, passengers try to squish 4-5 in the backseat of my car (it seats 3). Obviously, this is illegal, as each passenger must have a seatbelt. But who is liable? Is it the passengers themselves? They're 18+. They're accountable for themselves and their own actions. Is it me? I'm...
  8. Yam Digger

    Autonomous Fatality - Judge for Yourself Click the above link for a clip of the fatal AV accident. In the first part, you will see that the woman DIDN'T just jump out in the road. She was on it long enough for the car sense her presence and...
  9. Lurking

    Warning Driving Under 8 year-olds

    Check this out to avoid serious risks and additional problems
  10. UberXking

    Give me one good reason to leave the queue

    You think the airport is ok with us driving on airport property, polluting the air, creating traffic? Waiting to be matched with a pax See photos from last Friday to see my reward!! I took the return to queue screenshot just minutes before I was rear ended at 50mph
  11. Lurking

    Problem Driving Kids Under 8 Without Car Seat

    Has this happened to you? A fare with a mom without a car seat taking her young child to daycare or the hospital or ... If you protest then she appeals to your compassion and/or declares that many other drivers have done it before. What should you do? Isn't it just another fare? Well consider...
  12. Lurking

    Don't carry young children without a car seat

    Read this.
  13. T

    $1 Million Insurance Coverage

    Long story short, I need to raise my coverage to $1,000,000 for my Suburban. My broker said that only luxury car insurance companies offer that much coverage and in order to get it I need to be associated with a luxury base. My truck is currently registered to a non-luxury black car base, not...
  14. rlawrence58

    Auto Condition and Driving

    Last week on my way to my regular job, I was involved in a 0 mph, 4-car pileup when the last car in the line decided to not stop, crashing into the van in front of her, then pushing it into me and me into the car in front. Damage was a minimum on my auto, but noticeable. No safety features are...
  15. Edman

    Another liabiltiy for UBER? What do you think?

    I broke my rule and picked up UberPOO yesterday. NEVER AGAIN!!! I accepted and picked up UberPOO 1 after another. So now I have 2 pax in my car. Just dropped one pax and ABOUT to drop off the other pax, so I can RELIEVE myself(Emergency/Mother Nature Calling). However, about 5 minutes before...
  16. babaganoosh

    Uber’s Self-Driving Car Passengers Were Signing Their Lives Away Uber’s Self-Driving Car Passengers Were Signing Their Lives Away Uber’s fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh are super exciting for anyone interested in the future of transportation—but they could come...
  17. Nenee

    Minors requesting Uber

    I recently had an experience on a ride request submitted by a 16 year old kid. I was concerned when I found myself with my suv packed w a bunch of 16 yr olds some perhaps younger and no adult. Anyone have any similar experience? I have reached out to Uber to get clarification on their policy...
  18. U

    Insurance Rideshare Providers New Jersey: May 2016

    This might be available elsewhere, but the forums search is pretty Microsaurus New Jersey is somewhat unique in how rusty its insurance selection is, along with very high costs. Any help would be appreciated. A) Who provides UBER driver insurance in New Jersey B) Why did you choose your...
  19. hustle and drive

    Insurance blues

    Hello, I have just completed my sign up process to become an UBER partner. However, there is one issue that is preventing me from driving. It seems that UBER's current insurance policy only covers the driver with liability insurance during the unmatched phase (phase 1), while waiting for a...
  20. Nicholas Bailey

    Driver safety vs. rider privacy and liability

    In light of the Taco Bell exec who assaulted an Uber driver in LA. I would like to see what local San Antonio drivers are doing to make sure you are covered liability wise in case of a similar incident, be it disruptive / unruly / passengers etc. Do you carry any form of protection? Do you...