1. williamj01

    Uber Story

    I'm an Uber driver for like a year now. But this one time, a gay bloke booked a ride and turned out to be a total creep. Has anyone been in the same situation? Or I'm the only one??
  2. ub3r1can

    Miami Beach Pride Week Heats Up Tonight!!! Events throughout the weekend include: Thursday night's PAMM Free Community Night: PRIDE Friday's Pride Event VIP Gala at the Faena Forum Friday's Basement Pride Kick Off Party Saturday's Beach Party Festival...
  3. S

    SD Drivers beware Uber Rapist on the loose

    Hey all, I'm a former uber-x driver/lyft/postmate but after being approached by an older black gentleman by the name of Terrell Pierce from the Skyline Hills area on Saturday's Comic Con I have to speak out. He flagged me down in his shiny bmw with and UBER Placard to talk me into Uber Select...
  4. R

    Sexacola weekend

    So have you Pensacola drivers been making a bundle this weekend? I drive in Tallahassee and a couple of local drivers said they were going out there for the weekend. I didn't see much surge when I used the rider app to look. For some reason, the driver app never showed any surge at all. Maybe it...