1. New-Member

    SFO Insanity

    Was in Millbrae tonight so thought I’d check the queue, 1-5 so I drive over 101, immediate ping for T3, then realize every road blocked solid. 101 backed up to Millbrae Ave, jammed all around the terminals, said f this, Cancelled and escaped thru the completely empty as usual Arrivals level...
  2. Driveroptimization

    Unloaded miles driven by a driver on any given day

    Do you think Uber, Lyft and the others do a good job in reducing the amount of unloaded miles driven by each driver in a work day?
  3. DriverC

    Upcoming USA TODAY Article

    Exactly two weeks from today, UBER will be featured in an extremely disruptive article that will be published in the USA Today. This article will discuss the rapidly changing economy, the way business is now conducted and how money is now being earned. The status-quo 9-5 job is no longer the...