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  1. D

    I have just started driving - is this legal?

    Hi guys I have been driving on Uber for about 1.5 months in Melbourne and realised I get some really funny and entertaining customers from time to time. I have spoken to police about filming in a vehicle and I have been told that it is legal as long as there is a sign letting customers...
  2. Riders Champion


    In case you find yourself in a moral dilemma, remember this: "NSW law says consent is not possible while a person is substantially intoxicated." Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/01/24/13/38/uber-driver-says-passenger-said-yes-to-sex#egV1pCq1yjh71pe6.99
  3. SuzeCB

    $1,000 deductible

    I just went to municipal court this morning. On December 19th I was in a car accident where I was going through my green light and someone tried to make the right turn on red without stopping or yielding right of way to me. Smacked the crap out of the 2 passenger side doors and the rear quarter...
  4. MikesUber

    Uber Announced Changes to Terms of Use

    Source: Uber Email With your help, we've been able to bring Uber to more than 400 cities in 72 countries. And that's in just a little over 6 years. In light of that growth and some changes to our services, we've made some updates to our US Terms of Use. These updates won’t change the way you...
  5. mp968

    We are not partners anymore?

    I was just reading the last night's agreement addendum, and found something interesting here: I changed the colour to red for clarity. As I could not find the definition of the Customer anywhere in the addendum, is it safe to assume that this term refers to uber drivers? Is this our new...
  6. VUT

    UBER maintenant légal au Québec

    Le gouvernement a déposé un nouveau décret aujourd'hui et Uber n'a qu'à payer 268$ pour recevoir son permis d'Intermédiaire Taxi ce qui ne devrait pas tarder. Maintenant aux chauffeurs à se mettre aux nouvelles normes.... Permis classe 4C, etc...
  7. B

    Where's the investigation?? Why's gov't in bed with this company??

    This is how it probably works: your fare will be $28.00 But in actuality, the miles and time come out to $20.00 So the driver gets $15 and Uber takes $13. This has got to be the greediest company ever. they're charging riders more than the ride would cost, yet the driver is only getting 25...
  8. circle1


    So then there's this thread . . . https://uberpeople.net/threads/i-need-some-help-i-am-depressed.108175/#post-1545586 Has anyone found an attorney (in the Seattle/Puget Sound region) that would work well with this TNC business? Also, I *think* Umbrella insurance covers this sort of stuff...
  9. Edman

    Buckhead Night Club Incident-Atlanta

    I am a new driver in Atlanta. Last night, I had a bad experience picking people up at the Buckhead area. So, anyway, I arrived to the bar/club location to pick up the passengers. But the night club was too busy and may people were pushed into the streets and I could not pull my car in front of...
  10. RedoBeach

    TaxI Driver Killed in Crash w/Uber Driver West Hollywood

    Be safe out there!!! http://abc7.com/news/taxi-driver-killed-in-weho-multi-car-dui-crash-involving-uber-driver/1468571/ WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- A taxi cab driver was killed in a suspected DUI crash involving an Uber driver and another vehicle in West Hollywood, according to the Los...
  11. UberX.illegal?

    Queensland ready to legalize Uber ride share service

    https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/queensland-ready-to-legalize-uber-ride-share-service-20160810-gqpnwi.html Government announcement on new regulations imminent. The Queensland Government will announce its plan to legalise ride sharing services such as Uber...
  12. UberX.illegal?

    Worker's sacking for failing to disclose Uber income upheld

    http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/innovation/workers-sacking-for-failing-to-disclose-uber-income-upheld-20160809-gqo889.html An Uber driver who was sacked from his day job after failing to disclose his second job has lost an unfair dismissal case. Mervyn Jacob was working as a print...
  13. Arkaxow

    What is the law on where I can pickup?

    I just signed up with Lyft, but have been a Uber driver for more than a month. The mentor said that there was some law where if I live in New Jersey I can pickup drivers only in New Jersey and can dropped them off anywhere. However she said that I cannot pickup drivers outside my home state of...
  14. D

    Uber is not illegal now yeah?

    Anyone fined for driving with Uber after the County Court overturned charges against Nathan Brenner?
  15. @earth_to_jen

    FLORIDA TNC INSURANCE: FAJUA via Insurance Today Group Sunshine State steps up to plate

    Florida Auto Joint Underwriters Association are just waiting for the ink to dry on their brand new personal policy that covers TNC drivers:) Waiting on clarification from our Rideshare Insurance Agent for Florida, but it looks like 24/7 pip available. Also waiting on clarification to see if...
  16. keeper1

    Bizarre traffic ticket

    Yesterday around midnight I got bizarre ticket - act. 140(c) for not letting pedestrian complete crossing the road. I was doing left turn here (http://tinyurl.com/jg6htty). On green light I moved to the middle of the road and let pedestrian walking toward on left to pass both lanes and when...
  17. A

    THREE MONTHS of pay being withheld. Anyone able to help?

    Hey everyone! (Sorry in advance for the wall) While on the clock back in mid-December, my brand-new vehicle was totaled by a dunk driver, and it has completely destroyed my professional life. Because of the way we're paid, the insurance company is calling any sort of loss-of-wages I'm claiming...
  18. M

    Driving in Miami

    Ok, so I'm fairly new to ride-sharing having only started about two months ago. Understandably so, I've been a little confused about the legality of driving in Dade County. So I decided to send uber support a quick message asking if it was legal to drive in Miami and if my insurance would be...
  19. U

    Newark Airport Police Harrassment or True Legal Concern for Uber Drivers

    I was just at Newark Airport picking up my ride. I drove the Terminal C Arrivals and was trying to locate my ride in a busy driving area. Just as my ride got in my car, the Port Authority Police demanded that I pull over which I did. He told me I was holding up traffic and I explained that I...
  20. Uber321

    Guarantees and Opting out

    Hello, relatively new driver here. Well, I have been driving part time for about 6 months. In 6 months I have already seen the landscape change dramatically. But, I am not naive enough to think someone can master the ins and outs of a business/industry in 6 months lol. Anyways, I am aware...