1. D

    Stolen Identity Help!

    I just received a 1099 in the mail yesterday from a person who is driving with ALL my information including my social security number. The only thing they changed was they added their first name in front of my name. They even spelled my address horribly wrong. I am obviously not going to be...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Ridehail in Vancouver is LIVE

    As of 11am this morning, PST, Uber is available to people in Vancouver. After almost a decade of not being on any serious Ridehail platform, the City has opened up a fair bit of territory to drive for Uber and Lyft, if you manage to jump through all the extra hoops and fees the've imposed...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Yet another driver sued over accident

    Jessica Christie, 23, of Concord, was struck and killed in San Francisco on Nov. 5, 2018 by an Uber driver on the 700 block of Broadway. In case you didn’t realize there’s hundreds drivers all...
  4. K

    Your rideshare operations are illegal in Australia

    Hi everyone, I got done for tapping my mobile phone more then once whilst in the cradle. I was accepting a job at the time. I did contest it in court here in WA and according to the law we are not allowed to touch our phones even once for a job. Everyone can answer a call by tapping once if the...
  5. P

    Wisconsin City thinks they can still regulate "TNC" companies

    Father in law just started driving for Lyft in Menomonie, Wisconsin - and got pulled over within a week by a cop who told him that he's not allowed to drive for Lyft in Menomonie unless he has prior permission from the Menomonie city council. (This is the same procedure as someone trying to...
  6. S

    Stopping in road for pax: Illegal?

    Short version: Is stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up or drop off passengers illegal? If so, what should ordinary citizens do about it, if anything? Long version: I often encounter rideshare and taxi drivers who wait for passengers in the middle of the road with their hazard lights on...
  7. Kurt Halfyard


    expect lots of discounted rides tomorrow around 4:20, onwards.
  8. TheDriver2011

    Am I Liable for "squishers" ?

    All too often, passengers try to squish 4-5 in the backseat of my car (it seats 3). Obviously, this is illegal, as each passenger must have a seatbelt. But who is liable? Is it the passengers themselves? They're 18+. They're accountable for themselves and their own actions. Is it me? I'm...
  9. Vishnu643

    Is this the actual phone number to call for drivers to call about the claims?

    So my mother told me the news was talking about the class action suit against Uber and provided this number: (800) 947-8319. I called it and a woman claimed she was Uber legal hotline. I think her name was Veronica. Has anyone actually heard this number from the news and/or called it?
  10. jeebus

    Are Dashcam recordings legal in Kansas City

    I know people normally have to consent to be recorded but I'm curious if this is automatic when they get in your car.
  11. T

    Ridesharing more than 20 hours as international student in Toronto?

    Hello everyone! I am an international student in Toronto and I've worked with Uber about a month at this time. Last week I started to drive for Lyft as well. I realized, that I am driving about 30 hours per week (sometimes less, sometimes more), as I do not have study right now and I use most of...
  12. Mattio41

    Carrying Stun Guns and Tasers in NJ

    In one of my facebook groups I belong to, a question was asked about the legality of carrying a stun gun for self defense while driving for Uber. I thought I would share a summary that was written, and posted by Evan Nappen, the most foreknown Firearms attorney in NJ. Dissertation was written by...
  13. BurgerTiime

    If someone asks you to take them to the ER, you should cancel the request. Here's why.

    Passengers Who Call Uber Instead Of An Ambulance Put Drivers At Risk -Once in your vehicle, you may have exposed yourself to serious legal liability- Mike Fish was driving for Uber 10 minutes outside...
  14. DontCaravan

    Legal Question About Drunks

    Last night bartenders were carrying a patron out to my car. They collected the money to get the person to this state and the plan was to dump the problem on me. This person needed medical attention, not an Uber. I left just as they were approaching my door. There was no way I was taking on this...
  15. circle1

    If You're Following TNC lawsuits (this one's about Lyft) . . .

    This just in . . . Fare Fraud: Lyft Drivers Say They're Getting Shortchanged by the Company By Randy Mac Published at 7:01 PM PST on Dec 20, 2017 | Updated at 7:45 PM PST on Dec 20, 2017 The Lyft driver who takes you to your next holiday party just might be getting cheated out of the money...
  16. rembrandt

    Uber's U.K. Problems Mount With Sexual Discrimination Suit

    Uber's U.K. Problems Mount With Sexual Discrimination Suit More stories by Jeremy HodgesSeptember 26, 2017, 10:14 AM EDT Uber Technologies Inc. faced another legal setback in the U.K. as a 44-year-old female driver sued for sexual discrimination, claiming the company’s practices unfairly...
  17. Lurking

    Best Pranks

    What is the best Prank that has been played on you by a rider or that you have played on a rider? By Prank I mean something that is not destructive and not illegal (although it may appear to be). Recently, I had some drunk college guys, remove both headrests in my car, but left them on the...
  18. Mista T

    Glad I have a dash cam

    I picked up a couple younger women (late 20s?) bar hopping. Casually asked if they use both services. Pax says "I will NEVER use Uber again!" I said "Sounds like there's a story there..." She says "Last Uber, my friend and I left a bar to go to another. We got two blocks and the Uber driver...
  19. thesweatersnog

    Behold the confusion of a new driver.

    So I've been driving for a few weeks now. I mainly work the evenings and weekend hours in Philadelphia and at first, I was riding high on that 5.0 but now with a few low ratings I’m down to a 4.86. I’ve been super stressed out about that and can only imagine who the F gave low ratings and why...
  20. QLDUberDriver

    Anti-Uber activist Russell Howarth ordered to pay $400,000 in legal costs

    This is what happens to a demented megalomaniac whos only intent is to gain attention for fame's sake. Sounds familiar in this forum? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anti-Uber activist Russell Howarth...