1. T

    Car rental for Uber X or Eats

    Hello, I’m wanting to lease my vehicle to an Uber driver in Christchurch, my Toyota Prius is 2013 and its cof expires on the 21 July, Very economical nice driving car
  2. F

    Private Car Lease for Uber Driver

    Hey all, I no longer driver Uber and have a “spare” car. It’s a 7 seat Holden Captiva, leather seats. It’s perfect for Uber XL. I thought instead of selling it, maybe someone would be interested in leasing it from me. Could even explore a lease to buy scenario. Is this something anyone would...
  3. keepnonindoc

    Prius lease required driving for Uber (up to 100,000 miles) ... what is "excessive wear/tear"

    Your thoughts, please. I was one of 100 drivers in a Toyota Financial pilot program who got a 2015 Prius after its first two-year lease to someone else in So/Cal. My lease allowed Toyota to accumulate rideshare data by wiring my Prius with devices that monitored my driving performance and the...
  4. fredfighter

    Noobie question, buy vs lease

    I am looking seriously at driving for Uber/Lyft. My current vehicle (Honda Element) is not acceptable to either. So I will have to get a vehicle that is. The question is, particularly considering taxes, which is better -- buying or leasing? Assuming the vehicle is used exclusively for...
  5. A

    Black suv for lease rate

    any knows how much the Lease for Black SUV in Southern California these days?
  6. Patrick R Oboyle

    Rideshare with a leased car.

    This isnt going to be the case for everyone but...for those newbies that are curious ill breakdown how we make it work for us. 1st week of paycheck.. My wife works a few hours in the evening..thats our play money. I work the main shift...thats our bill money. First 2 days of the month Covers...
  7. randrace

    Select For All: BMW Rideshare Lease

    BMW chips away at the barrier for entry into Select:
  8. ShawnsUber

    Uber Xchange Lease Warning

    Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while but something came up that I had to post about, if for no other reason to warn folks about what’s happening to me. So, I was one of the folks who was able to get Uber’s first tier (no previous drivers) lease. It was a Hyundai Elantra with 3 miles on it. I...
  9. CantKnockRob

    Driving for Uber with someone else's vehicle

    Good day guys So I have no interest in ride share but I have my brother who wants to make some extra money, but he does not have a vehicle. I spent about an hour searching between this forum and google and could not get a definitive answer so I figured Id ask here. To have someone else...
  10. S

    UBER X Jeep Wrangler OR Xchange Lease? HELP!!!

    I have a 2015 Jeep Wrangler that I drive on UBER X, the thing is the car eats gas. I got approved for Xchange Leasing at $151 a week for a Toyota Corolla. I hate the thought of being stuck with a $600 bill and the extra insurance every month. But I feel like with my Jeep its hard to really earn...
  11. red8719

    Leased car and uber

    Does anyone know if you lease a car through lyft, could you do uber as well? I've read that if you lease a car through uber you can Lyft but I haven't seen any info the other way around.
  12. Ronnie Rodriguez

    No Uber Marketplace for Long Island?

    Using the family vehicle to Uber. I see the city has a marketplace renting out or leasing uber ready cars w tlc plates. Where can we go if we dont have a tlc license to rent or lease a car to Uber in NYC Suburbs? Also why no incentives or bonuses here?
  13. G

    Looking to hire out a HC Hire Car Plates

    Hey guys, I'm looking to rent out hire car plates on a weekly basis for a reasonable amount. If anyone has something that is reasonable per week please let me know.
  14. Leo A Martinez

    Questions about registering and renting a car to uber drivers...

    Good afternoon, i have a few questions about a car that i want to rent: 1. I bought a Camry from a Texas dealer, they will sent me the documents and title ready to register it, i live in NJ and my address its from there also: - can i register this car in NY? - Do i need to register it for...
  15. KC4EVR

    Can I get another vehicle without paying a new deposit my car was totaled 3 weeks after I got it.

    I could really use some help if anyone knows anything about this, I had just got started driving with Uber the beginning of March and had a 2014 Nissan Sentra which I leased through Xchange Leasing. I had made only 2 payments when a vehicle ran a red light and T-boned me at an intersection...
  16. Nised

    Rent or lease options for Cleveland drivers

    Does anyone know of good local options to rent from private owners or fleet managers? Or any buy-here-pay-here with good rates and low or no down payment options? I've checked into Turo and HyreCar, but want some other flexible options. Also, I can't find any information on Uber's Xchange...
  17. S

    Anyone ever use HyreCar for rental?

    I am thinking of driving for Uber and Lyft part-time but want to try renting a Prius from HyreCar. I do have my own wheels, and my car is ok for Uber, but too old for Lyft. My idea was to rent a car for 2 days and drive as much as I could for those days. So, I won't be putting wear and tear on...
  18. DontLease

    BAMA Lease Dont Do It

    $164+$12.95= $176.95(lease) +$100 over miles +$135.00 gas card= $411.95 per week then add insurance yes im broke im not kidding i love UBER and Bama
  19. S

    Do the Math!!

    Now, it's been a month with an Xchange Lease vehicle and I've yet to break even!! I'm paying $177per week for a Nissan Altima. After the $250 signing fee, $158 monthly insurance premium and gasoline for the month of driving I still have not broken even!! I'm considering cutting my loses and...