lease lease to own

  1. F

    Private Car Lease for Uber Driver

    Hey all, I no longer driver Uber and have a “spare” car. It’s a 7 seat Holden Captiva, leather seats. It’s perfect for Uber XL. I thought instead of selling it, maybe someone would be interested in leasing it from me. Could even explore a lease to buy scenario. Is this something anyone would...
  2. Robertbob

    Xchange Leasing

    this xchange lease program is aweful. 680 a month (170 per week) plus over 100 dollars for insurance plus taxes ... I don't know who does this for two years and then buys a car they run into the ground ... then opts to buy the car with a shit ton of miles for 5,000 dollars after that ... but...
  3. S

    Thinking about leasing a car to drive for Uber

    This has been posted before, but it is already outdated so I'm starting a new one. I'm a uni student here in Sydney who wants to make a good amount of cash since I cannot get a job related to my studies since these people want someone experienced in the field. A friend recommended driving for...
  4. Reason

    Uber/Santander lease-to-own program (Class Action Lawsuit)

    To you or anyone you know that has been affected by the Uber/Santander lease-to-own program and that would like to join a class action lawsuit please vote on the Dallas Texas poll to show the attorneys how many have been affected or know someone that has been affected. Please inform what city...