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  1. Uber Man Boston

    Uber's shutting down drivers in Boston

    2 friends that are stellar Uber drivers that I know called me a few minutes ago to inform me that they no longer can access the platform. New rules for Massachusetts got them done.
  2. GardenStateUber

    Can driving Uber part-time prevent me from collecting unemployment?

    Nearly $90k of my $95k income came from my full-time job and I was just laid-off following our company being sold. Now the NY unemployment office is saying that since I was driving Uber too, I may not be eligible to collect any unemployment because I have another job. Does this sound right...
  3. Jacobb

    Doing Uber while on temporary layoff

    So I started driving with Uber about a week ago, and I just found out that I will be on a seasonal layoff for my job. I was wondering if I could still drive with Uber, even though I was collecting 70% of unemployment. I have hadn't had any success in finding an answer.