lax queue

  1. Chocoholic

    Wired. LAX x and pool queues switching between ineligible and 16-20

    ... and it’s counting down for me. Anyone ever seen this happen?
  2. Showa50

    C'est la vie hiding in the queue feature-LAX

    Wasn't very beneficial these past few weeks with Uber shutting off the surge. But it was golden these past months since no one mentioned it. What's the trick you ask? When you're in the queue tap go offline and leave the app parked on this screen. You'd move up in the queue. No tree needed...
  3. Taipan

    Waiting in LAX queue

    I thought it was a glitch initially, but has happened on a consistent basis. Has this happened to you: While waiting at the pen, the numbers finally came down to 0-10, then a request from outside of the Horse-shoe came. Noticed the pick-up location was not LAX, I ignored it. Then, I've got...