lax drop offs

  1. Phasmatrope

    How long do the placards count for?/having to retake airport test

    Curious if any of you know how long the airport placards are supposed to be valid for?? Are they good indefinitely? Just for a year? Or just for that vehicle? I took, passed, and received my placard some 2 years back. Since then, I've had to switch to a different vehicle, but since the placards...
  2. Rudyhawaii

    Lyft express or uber

    Which is better Lyft Express Drive or Uber Xchange in LA?
  3. Bart Reed

    Is this a real chance to Opt Out of LAX pickups with the NEW LAX placards?

    Many of you will be getting this fine Fuber email to verify your mailing address. Will answering "no, I don't want a placard" let a driver Opt Out of LAX pick-ups? Thoughts?
  4. Ureventplanner

    Lax drop offs

    Hello everyone I’m new and I know they won’t send you LAX pickup Notifications unless you pass that test , but will they send you LAX drop offs? Also what type of insurance do the drives here in Los Angeles have, I see in other states you have to have a business license and a special insurance??
  5. RUSSREED2.0


    :mad::mad::confused::confused:1 I take offense to NAPPING :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  6. U

    LAX Interesting PAX Request

    Hi new to posting but have done a good number of LAX airport trips but hadn't run into this situation: 1. Passenger picked up 5 miles from airport with a request to go to LAX AirCanada. 2. Says she wants me to not drop her off but pick up a passenger (at arrivals which I said I definitely...