1. PimpMyRideShare

    Fighting Camera Tickets

    When I lived in Florida there was an online service called "The Ticket Clinic" were you submit a traffic ticket and they'll forward it to a lawyer to dispute it. Every camera ticket I received they easily threw out because according to them, camera citations are illegal and doesn't hold up in...
  2. S


    Hi, i crossed a red light at Astoria E/B. It was issued by the camera. Actually, i stopped late after the line and backed up, but two months later dmv sends me the ticket. i hadn’t payed it till now when i receive a letter from TLC, that DMV has reported it to them. I am thinking about...
  3. PioneerXi

    Billboard near LAX

  4. Cowboy Dan

    If you were deactivated for high cancellation rate, call a lawyer.

    At least tell Uber you called a lawyer. How many times has Uber accepted the ride for you when you didn't even touch your phone? Uber does this on purpose because they know most drivers will pick up the pax instead of canceling. Most of my cancels are due to Uber's auto-accept. If you request to...
  5. Off The Record

    Dealing With Traffic Tickets

    Hey Drivers, We’re Off The Record, a few guys from Seattle that got tired of dealing with traffic tickets. We created our service to match anyone, anywhere, to a local, affordable and qualified traffic attorney. We have already helped thousands of uber drivers nationwide and thought we would...
  6. B

    Hit By a Car at the Airport - Researching Injury Lawyers

    Good morning fellow RS drivers — it was a rough one for me. During an airport drop off I was getting the pax luggage out of the trunk and a car hit me pinning my knees between both vehicles. The car that hit me was not a cab/RS/shuttle. It was just a civilian dropping his wife off at the...
  7. Nipun Marwaha

    The Number 1 Worst Thing About TLC Court

    The "Reps" These 90% of these individuals or 'companies' are absolutely useless. (There are a small handful of useful people but few and far between) Some even straight lie to drivers and take their money and the driver still gets in trouble. One of them was even found to commit fraud...
  8. Two Hard Punches

    Rumor or not - How many traffic tickets before you're out?

    Hi Peeps, I've been browsing around and can't find any info regarding written polices with Uber or Lyft regarding traffic tickets and being suspended or kicked off the platform. Are these rumors? If not, can anyone point me to any documentation around this? Also, separate question, is a 25%...
  9. J

    Long-Term TLC Lawyer (Traffic Violations/Summons/Tickets)

    Hey all, I am in a search of a quality long-term TLC lawyer. I would describe my situation but it's not that bad, and I have a 100% clean driving record otherwise so I'm confident a lawyer will help me out, but as a result of my situation, I realize that it will help to have someone dependable...
  10. DavidWoolf

    I'm an Attorney (and former Uber/Lyft driver) Ask Me Anything

    Hi Guys, My name is David Woolf and I'm an attorney licensed in California. I drove for uber/lyft in law school and now I do personal injury at BD&J in Beverly Hills. I also do some immigration. Ask me anything!
  11. sund0wn

    Cop threatens Uber driver with jail for recording, driver happens to be a lawyer.
  12. HansGr.Uber

    Me and pax got into crash, now he wants us to join together in a lawsuit

    So last month I was driving this pax and all was going well and then out of nowhere a truck hits us on the left side. I dont know if i should count myself lucky, but i had some fractures and did only a little PT. My passenger wasnt so lucky, we were crossing and had right of way, but truck came...
  13. SMH Uber

    Sooo Instead of Chasing Ambulances, Lawyers are Chasing Uber Drivers

    Saw this the other day.... Laywers are coming after us and on the other side of the hand wants us drivers to go after uber....
  14. Craig M

    Criminal Speeding

    Hey guys- So I have been doing Uber for about a year and I just recently applied to do Lyft but got denied because of my driving record. Does anyone know if a criminal speeding ticket can be expunged in the state of Arizona? I know in some states this can be done. Thanks in advance! -Craig
  15. R

    Fired From Uber Over Rider Disagreement To Cleaning Fee

    At 8:30pm I received a very generic response saying We have reviewed your cleaning free requests. After further investigation, it looks like there may be some disagreement from the rider about the events that occurred during this trip so we have suspended your account. We take incident...
  16. 300Miles

    Class action PA spanking for Lyft?

    Does anybody know of attorneys suing Lyft in Pennsylvania? If so, would appreciate you sending on their name. Briefly, - I have more than a thousand rides in and a 4.92 rating with the last 50 rides all 5 stars. I reach 20% PDB at least half the time. - I was terminated without warning or...
  17. tipster98122

    Thoughts on Seattle Traffic Tickets and Good Lawyers for representation.

    Having gotten a recent Traffic Infraction ticket I thought this might be a good place to share traffic court experiences and/or referrals of local traffic lawyers to help the community at large. ---------------------------------------------- IMO: A Moving Infraction is very tough to beat on...
  18. K

    I'm seeing an attorney tomorrow

    Ok, so living here in DC, the advantages are that you get to know who the movers and shakers are, and you get the chance to rub shoulders with them, given half the chance. I got lucky- one of my contacts (though I haven't spoken to him in about 5 years) is a high powered, very well known...