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  1. Penelope pitstop

    America Number 1, NUMBER 1

    CALIFORNIA PERMITS UBER CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!! The wheels of justice grind slowly but grind they do baby!! GEORGIA IM GONNA BE KNOCKING ON THE COURTHOUSE DOOR! next so Georgia drivers PM me. I will give you info--I am not taking any fee - or commission. It's the "sharing economy baby"!
  2. JohnF

    Judge grants California Uber drivers class action status in lawsuit

    http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/1/9107383/judge-ruling-california-uber-drivers-class-action A US District Judge in San Francisco has ruled that a lawsuit brought by Uber drivers may continue as a class action, throwing Uber into an uncertain future as it argues its drivers are not employees of...
  3. chi1cabby

    (Updated) Suit claims Lyft cheated new drivers out of $1,000 bonuses