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  1. Pax Collector

    Lyft sued, driver allegedly kidnapped children.

    Bay Area Mom Sues Lyft, Alleges Driver Took Off With Her 2 Kids OAKLAND (KPIX) — Khahn Mac had the scariest fifteen minutes of her life last year, thanks to a Lyft driver and now she’s suing the ride-hailing company for it. Her attorney, John Winer, calls what happened “a kidnapping, kind of...
  2. R

    Drivers United

    To: MICHELE ARINGTON Assistant General Counsel FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION '........................................ Goodmorning, Ms. Arington: It is with great interest and disbelief the DRIVER SERVICES INDUSTRY has been watching and waiting for the FTC and DOJ to intervene on STATE ACTION...
  3. Dhr94080

    For Drivers who are fed up!

    Its painful coming on here these days seeing the more ever increasing problems induced by Uber and Lyft! I haven't been in here in awhile but ummm not looking very promising for your future as a ride share driver! Glad I work a regular job now. But ummm I thought I would pass along my lawyers...
  4. Dhr94080


    I finally had enough today of Ubers bull st today! So, this whole ticketing fines that seem to hit your account months later will have its day in court! So, I signed on today after not driving for Uber since March in protest of the ticket they sent me 5 months later! So, I thought well, I will...
  5. Y

    Taking legal action for unlawful retaliatory deactivation

    I'm talking to a lawyer today. I have been deactivated for 30 days for absolutely no apparent reason. First they put me through multiple BGC, all came back clear. Then I found out from Checkr that the last one requested was marked as extensive 99 year look back which they said they've never seen...
  6. SCdave

    "Wage Theft by Employers" - Uber/Lyft Parallels?

    Here's an article from SoCal Connected re Wage Theft by Employers. Hmmmm... Which L.A. Employers Are Accused of Stealing Paychecks? Lata Pandya Marie Targonski-O’Brien February 6, 2018...
  7. Toonces-the-cat

    Waymo vs. Uber: Damning Report Made Public

    A report that Alphabet wants to use in its lawsuit against Uber was made public today. The document in question details the assets and liabilities of a startup Uber acquired in August 2016 that has become a central part of Alphabet's claims that Uber stole proprietary information. Uber...
  8. rembrandt

    Uber's U.K. Problems Mount With Sexual Discrimination Suit

    Uber's U.K. Problems Mount With Sexual Discrimination Suit More stories by Jeremy HodgesSeptember 26, 2017, 10:14 AM EDT Uber Technologies Inc. faced another legal setback in the U.K. as a 44-year-old female driver sued for sexual discrimination, claiming the company’s practices unfairly...


    Has any other drivers seen negative remarks and a couple of hours later remarks are gone...?
  10. BurgerTiime

    UberBlack driver sues for breach of contract for demoting him to UberX AN Uber car operator has threatened to sue the ride-sharing company for more than $26,000, claiming its “deceptive”...
  11. Zap

    Google is suing Uber

    Google just filed a lawsuit against Uber that will have huge implications for the future of self-driving car technology.
  12. JerseyBoy911

    Uber's Binding Arbitration Clause

    Hey, I'd like a list of people here who have opted out of Uber's binding arbitration clause. If you don't know what it is then you probably didn't opt out. There are many posts on this website about it even instructions on how to opt out but, it must be done within 30 days of signing up or...
  13. KVan

    NC driver lawsuit

    NC driver lawsuit proceeds past Uber's motion to dismiss plaintiffs FLSA and NC wage and hour claims. Currently 20 drivers declared as plaintiffs. Signup:
  14. KVan

    NC driver lawsuit

    NC driver lawsuit proceeds past Uber's motion to dismiss plaintiffs FLSA and NC wage and hour claims. Currently 20 drivers declared as plaintiffs. Signup:
  15. circle1


    So then there's this thread . . . Has anyone found an attorney (in the Seattle/Puget Sound region) that would work well with this TNC business? Also, I *think* Umbrella insurance covers this sort of stuff...
  16. Michael - Cleveland

    Uber is added to surge-pricing lawsuit 6/20/16 / Reuters

    Reuters - Technology | Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:19pm EDT Uber is added to surge-pricing lawsuit, could prompt arbitration A federal judge said Uber Technologies Inc can be added as a defendant in an antitrust lawsuit against its chief...
  17. Michael - Cleveland

    Lyft Drivers Say Uber's Fake Calls Cost Them

    Lyft Drivers Say Uber's Fake Calls Cost Them SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — A Lyft driver sued Uber this week, claiming the ride-hailing service mounted an effort to crush Lyft and recruit its drivers by making...
  18. James Dante Wood

    Unions without collective bargaining - we have options

    Although collective bargaining laws exclude independent contractors, we can still form a guild and protest, file law suits without lawyers, just paralegals, potentially strike and even create a network of truly self-employed drivers with driver app and broker to advertise, who takes a smaller...
  19. UberXking

    Los Angeles and Orange County drivers forced to pay for Business License

    In March it was San Jose. Hakjar on this site reported that drivers at SJC were being ticketed by police for not having a San Jose business license. In April the city treasurer of San Francisco said he has the names and addresses of over 37,000 drivers. Rideshare drivers have 30 days to pay the...
  20. Ziggy

    Uber will pay $10 million in driver background check lawsuit

    > LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ride-hailing company Uber will pay at least $10 million to settle allegations by California prosecutors that the ride-hailing company misled passengers about the quality of its...