1. ZenUber

    Airport request from a bus.

    I drop someone off at airport departures, and get a rematch. I’m on my way around to the arrivals lane, when I start getting texts from the guy. He says he’s on the enterprise bus, and on his way over. Then another text - “on my way”. Then a third - “be there soon”. So I’m thinking he knows I...
  2. MHR

    Day Late and a Dollar Short

    Look at thoughtful, sending me birthday wishes yesterday. Too bad my birthday was 3 months ago.
  3. Benzri

    pro tip: Don't let station managers play you

    if you ever arrive late and they tell you they can't check you in, they're lying. they can ask dispatch to check you in and dispatch is supposed to check you in if the station managers give them a proper excuse, say app technical issues! but if they outright say they can't help you, they're...
  4. Androidcoder

    50 minute wait = $5

    When UberEats started in Minneapolis, about a year ago, you would get $5 for every ten minutes waited, at least theoretically. I actually did get some $10 and a couple $15 wait fees last spring when there were no boosts and no tips. At $3-$5 per delivery these wait fees were critical time...
  5. nick caronn

    I drove around Atlanta with my GoPro last night, enjoy.

    Just one night of action, people would be mind blown at what we see in any given regular week! :D:D:D:po_O
  6. Yam Digger

    Uber tells pax we’ll wait for them

    Pax have been getting an email from Uber saying; Running late? No sweat Delays happen, and when you’re running late, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your driver will be at the curb for at least 5 minutes. The first 2 minutes your driver waits are free of charge. After that, a small...
  7. PepeLePiu

    So it's Ok for me to get a ticket...?

    Yesterday I had a pax and his companion, they was going to a bar where their friends was already meeting. The girl kept on saying "I wish we could go faster, there is no traffic and we could skip a few stops...". I kept quiet and kept on driving at my usual pace. The guy then told me: "Can we go...
  8. RUSSREED2.0


    Hello everyone. Lets discuss how to plan this. Its been on the books for a while. BUT a drunk PAX, just informed me, CALI ( evil grin ) has the passed the 4:00am bar rule. BARS wil now be allowed to stay open till 4:00 am, what is your first reactiom to this. Freerideany1 all I have to say...
  9. Mz.SinCityDriver

    You awake ???

    I am sure there are many driving right now.. how's the early morning going?? I am about to leave and go find out ... coffee or energy drinKS anyone ;)
  10. Dallas007

    2 Minute Rule ?

    I've had 2-3 riders ask about the 'new 2 minute rule'. Seems they had received notices in the last day or so. Anyone have any formal info on this in particular for DFW area. As far as I know this is being 'tested' in different markets... some sort of penalty if pax is 2 mins. late, etc. ...
  11. AllenChicago

    Uber Will Give Passengers a $2 Credit if POOL Driver is Late.

    June 10, 2016 This "$2 apology" is good for passengers, but (imo) it will put more pressure on drivers to navigate in an unsafe manner. Naturally, it will also increase the number of POOL requestors. Testing of this "Arrive By ___am/pm" feature is starting in the Los Angeles market. Full...