late night

  1. S

    Grubhub after block hours?

    So I've been driving Lyft for 2 years. I just got off the waiting list to do grubhub. I did my first deliveries yesterday off block. I usually drive lyft late weekend nights(10pm- 8am-ish). In my area grubhub offers blocks until 11pm even on weekends and they don't start again until 7am...
  2. DieselkW

    Drive Time - what's yours and why?

    When I first started I thought it would be brilliant to maximize earnings and pay attention to what Lyft told me were the "prime times". That got me puke in the back seat, effectively ENDING my earnings for the night. That got me aggressive alpha male behavior from college punks. That got me...
  3. Gemstone

    ? Popcorn, get your popcorn

    To the screamer in the LAX pen: It's not that serious bro. Calm down before you pop an artery ?
  4. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Lyft App Suggested I Use Destination Mode? here is what happened...

    ....IT WORKED! IT F-ING WORKED! Last night I was done. It was time to head home for the night. I told the app I was done, and stared the drive home. Sadly I was on the other end of the city. :mad::(:(:( Suddenly, the app popped up a message: "try destination mode" I rolled my eyes, in the...
  5. jeffel

    Pax Refused to Call It Quits

    So last night I got a long trip request. I thought, "Great. I'll drive them an hour or so away, make a killing, and then be home in time to get a good night's sleep." Boy was I wrong. The pax was going from my home area in northern Delaware down to the DC suburbs. Uber said this was a 2 hour...
  6. E

    (Female) Driver Safety

    Not sure how many on here are female Uber drivers, I imagine there aren't too many on the roads due to the fact almost every 2nd passenger exclaims how I'm only their 1st or 2nd female Uber driver. I've been driving for 4 months, but only recently have started driving at night. I'm always alert...
  7. mags2K

    Best Bets for Weekday Nights

    Wonder how many of you even consider riding the weekday nights! But if you are in that situation what locations are best bets to see some action? I'm guessing going to the Pit and waiting out will see some bucks. What else might be worthwhile in the City and burbs and for how late into the night?
  8. warrior lady

    Advice about Driving in Baltimore Late Night/ Early AM

    I don't normally drive in Baltimore,i'm from VA and don't know much about MD. But sometimes I end up in Gaithersburg very late night, BWI early am, and am tempted by 3x surge pings in Baltimore. But I KNOW NOTHING about Baltimore and which areas are OK for a female driver late night, very early...
  9. Peterson

    Another way to deal with Pool

    Usually I don't accept Pool rides, but few days ago I brought a passenger to pretty remote spot and after waiting for 30 min I decided to take a Pool call. Well, I figured it out that the destination is about 30 miles away (which is good). As Pool ride doesn't allowed to call a navigation app, I...
  10. ptuberx

    I knew it was coming... First puker.

    1300+ trips, usually drive the late crowd. And statistically, I knew I was probably overdue for a while. Tonight I picked up a female who at first I wouldn't have suspected of puking... but, it happened. She put the window down while moving, and said something to the effect of "hold on, I can't...
  11. Kawiz03

    Coffee or energy drinks

    what do you guys drink to give you that extra boost to complete the midnight shift. Coffee, Red Bull, Monster, Starbucks etc. And yes I know if your tired go home but us late night warriors know all about the late nights and that extra boost needed to keep going or at the most take us back...
  12. J

    Dudes getting grabby with female drivers...WWYD?

    On the eve of Memorial day I picked up a rider in Beaverdale around 2 am-ish. It was bar closing time and I knew that whoever I was picking up would be drunk but I didn't care because the majority of my riders were. The trip started out bad right off the bat because I couldn't see him. So I...
  13. OrlandoUberX

    Dear City of Orlando

    Dear City of Orlando, Due to your sh*tty one-way streets, the fact OPD shuts down most of Orange Ave, and horrible traffic lights most of the city center turns into gridlock h#ll and mother of all cluster f&cks on Saturday and Sunday 2 AM. Traffic is at a stand-still as taxi drivers...
  14. canipe

    Late Night Driving Emory

    How many on here are driving over at Emory on late nights. Last night was a little crazy around the Beta house (15 Eagle Row). Can I make some suggestions. 1. Only pick up the amount of people that you should. I saw some poor guy last night that had at least 4 maybe 5 in the back seat and 1...