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  1. D

    Uber URL for Weekly Events

    I'm trying to locate a link that provides information on weekly events in Vegas ( conferences, shows, etc.).. I know that Lyft has updated information for drivers. Does Uber have the same? Thanks!
  2. SlaveWager

    What's wrong with Vegas Drivers? Why don't you post more?

    Just wondering why this board is so dead with 300 or so TNC drivers per day entering the Vegas market? Are you totally thrilled about averaging $10 an hour before expenses? Are you just out of prison, on the witness protection program; or else why would you rent a car for $200/week? Is the...
  3. Cielovegas

    Uber Lawsuits

    Vegas Uber drivers should read this.
  4. TomInVegas

    KLAS-TV 8 Report Tonight on UBER

    UBER makes the TV-8 11pm news tonight (Fri., 6 May) in Las Vegas over Uber-"Partner" tension:
  5. Jakeinvegas

    Vegas Basic 411

    I drove for uber in 2014 for the time it was here. What is honest good feedback for the Las Vegas area? Good hotspots, nights or times of day? What is the pay like? Tips, do you see it or not? General feedback is wanted. I am not trying to take anyone’s business I am just trying to get an idea...
  6. LVegas

    Uber LV Team will be implementing changes base on driver's input.

    LV Uber Support will IMMEDIATELY implement rate change base on poll result, so pick wisely. Uber's percentage&fees remains the same.
  7. Haveittodayray

    Las Vegas New Uber Rates 30% down.

    With the new low rates for Las Vegas, the fair and equitable thing to do for all Uber drivers is to include tipping on your billing app for passengers and do not advertise that "the tip" is included in the fare. It is definitely not included with your new low rates. Average cab fare from...
  8. ramadula

    Rental car (temp)

    I am traveling from Washington to Las Vegas in January and would like to work while I'm there for 2-3 weeks. Can I use a rental car temporarily providing I have the proper insurance coverage?
  9. Thomas Ortiz

    Any Updates On The Airport For Uber?

    I was wondering if anyone new when we are going to be allowed at the Airport?