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las vegas surge

  1. Comped Marketing


    MAKE MORE MONEY AS A RIDE-SHARE DRIVER IN LAS VEGAS!!! (UPDATE - Nevada does not have surge times this is new information we have received from your fellow drivers in the Las Vegas area) You recently beat a bill in the legislature that was trying to limit or stop your ability to operate...
  2. VegasRacer

    Did anyone in Las Vegas pick up in a surge area and then not receive the surge fee?

    I think I may have gotten ripped off by not receiving the surge fare on one of my trips last night. Did anyone else have this problem?
  3. No Need to Tip

    I had 80% NYE surge

    Had three 8.9x surges (all from the Strip) and my highest fare to date. Everybody do well too? I guess back to reality...next shift $1.10/mile.