1. alex191919


    I'm trying to take the quiz to drive at LAX. I understand that only one company can be on my (lyft/uber) may be shown at 1 time and if i have more than one up I could get fined, i also understand that if I am on a personal trip i must take the dressings off. The following question I can't get...
  2. Frankieboy

    It's been a month and..

    still my account is on "waitlisted" status. I signed up for uber a month ago! I emailed support and they responded "raiser is still doing there check," it has taken all my patience away!!! My background is clean. Why does it take so long? Any way to speed it up? Just very frustrated!!! Any...

    16 trips brought home $419

    Best weeks in long time. Halloween and the strike weekend were about same for me, only did 16trips last week and brought in over $650+, after Uber cut down to $419. Only drive during surge rate an never take UberX request.