1. eclipse3256

    May 8th nationwide strike.
  2. burgerflipper

    Close Down Laguardia

    Everyone always goes to Laguardia, because it's so much closer than JFK. The solution for Uber drivers is for there not to be airports so close to the city. Laguardia needs to be moved to Great Neck at a minimum.
  3. burgerflipper

    BOYCOTT UBER AT THE AIRPORTS!!!! (use Lyft instead)

    Tonight Lyft was dark purple in both airports, and Uber showed no surge at all. I wasn't nearby, so I didn't see how many cars were in the queue, but I suspect it was one (link). In case any of you haven't caught on, please turn off your Uber app at the airport when you see this is going on. I...
  4. J

    NYC Illegal Street Pick up summons

    I got a 1,000 summons for an illegal pick up / street hail from an undercover cop at LaGuardia (stupid I know). Has anyone ever tried to fight it in court? My worry is that if I do they will give me a higher penalty. Right now I have a perfect record. And I'm wondering if I could pay less but...
  5. Charlie Schwartz

    Laguardia vs citifield

    This is a decision we all have to make. The obvious advantage of citifield is no waiting in the lot. However this changes when there is a surge so you dont need to go to the lot. The disadvantage of citifield is that it's farther from the highways (though this is irrelevant when there's traffic...
  6. Atradelocualto


    WOW IT TOOK ME 1 Hr 30 MINS JUST TO DROP OFF SOMEONE HERE FROM THE BROADWAY & 31ST UNDER 9 MILES.. I drop her off at 5:30PM on Terminal B it's 5:49pm and I'm still trying to get out the terminal
  7. alextheboss

    Surge at Lga

    Been noticing a 2x surge at Lga last few nights... Is this normal?
  8. UberTaxPro

    Uber wants more protection at LaGuardia Airport pick up lot after driver is assaulted