labor day

  1. Z

    El Paso: Class action lawsuit

    Hello, I have been driving for uber for quite some time keeping a great rating and acceptance rate. This labor day weekend El Paso uber decided to "lie" to drivers promising an addiontal trip bonus on the home screen of the partner app. An additional $1, $5, $10 was promoted for driving...
  2. A

    Incentive Payment.

    Has anyone had any issues with the incentive pay for the Labor day Weekend? Please advise I did 9 rides on the 20 dlls per ride incentive and didn't received anything on my pay....
  3. Shelovespets

    Labor day? Good or bad time to drive?

    How does Labor Day weekend go typically?
  4. warrior lady

    How is Uber demand on Labor Day Weekend, normally?

    What days/ times are best? I just got a Lyft email with a graft showing demand over past Labor Day weekends about double to triple an average weekend, with Sunday late night and Monday afternoon being the best.... What is your experience with past summer holidays like Labor Day?
  5. J

    You'll Make No $ Memorial Day through Labor Day

    The snowbirds are gone from early May until mid to late September in Fort Myers/Naples. I've been driving for get maybe 2-5 rides a night. I'm barely making a profit to cover my gas. It's not worth it until the place becomes packed with people. All my rides are taking people to and...
  6. PowerTrip

    labor day weekend

    How did the Holiday weekend go for Fares? Better or Worse? Friday was back to back fares from 6 to 10 PM with a trip from Carrollwood to St Pete, with tip. On another fare I got a $10 tip for a cancel. The pax decided to take his car, he met me at the gate and gave me the money for my troubles...
  7. K

    When Do We Get Paid Again? Every Week Right?

    I'm a new driver, so I suspect that there would be somethings I don't understand yet. Could anyone help me out on this one? So I've been looking at the date on my pay statement (in my Uber partners account, it has not been emailed yet) for the past few days, and September 14, 2015 was always...