1. JorgeTheBigBoss

    Driving in L.A from 5AM to 1PM...what do you think?

    Hello fellow Uber Drivers! I'm brand new and looking forward to driving and making some side $$ with Uber, I want to avoid the pukers, and crazy nightlife people so I've decided to drive early mornings. I'm curious though, I have to drive all the way from Ontario, to L.A which isn't too bad...
  2. FUberman

    Which platform makes most $?$?$?

    Rideshare has been in Vegas for 7 months now. Does anyone have an idea what type of vehicle nets the most--whether X, XL, or Select? I'm contemplating buying a car that's year 2012-2015. I don't really drive U/L anymore, maybe 1 ride a month. I'm was so turned off with their business practice...
  3. to vono

    LAX, LA & Orange County ride requests

    When receiving uber LAX, LA or Orange County ride requests I ALWAYS ask PAX for gas $$. About Half of the time they are willing to pay; and if they don't have cash- they always have a credit card to swipe at a gas pump. I've done that several times...the ones that won't pay for gas get Cancelled...