1. Maven

    Defensive Measures

    You probably experienced two or more PAX arguing, perhaps even to the point of violence. That's even more likely between 2 UberPool strangers. An autonomous car should be legally responsible for preventing bodily injury to PAX, even assaults from another PAX. The autonomous car cannot claim...
  2. Vegas E

    Uber Driver Stabbed and Robbed Downtown near Fremont Street

    At first, I was surprised then it came to me. Why would someone try to rob just any old Uber driver who they know does not carry a lot of cash? Drove cab for five years before the United Steel Workers Stabbed all of us in the...
  3. lgc252

    security - for the Partner & the PAX

    ... what is the general concensus on security and safety? I carry a fillet knife that I am sure I would never use - unless really threatened. ... what about MACE / Pepper Spray?