1. V

    Driving in Kitchener/Waterloo

    Just wondering if anyone here is driving in the Kitchener/Waterloo area? Is there enough demand to make it worth my while? I'm already self employed so my plan is to work late nights (10-3am while the kids sleep) when people are going out for the night and hopefully demand is highest.
  2. UberfromHell

    is Uber in Canada finished? So many cities have banned it

    I just read that Calgary put a ban on Uber and Edmonton is next. Also this morning read somewhere that in Ontario city of London, Kitchener,Waterloo have put a temporary ban on Uber. Do you think GTA is going to be next?
  3. ivanB

    UberX - simply its not worth it - No Money

    I have tried Uber X for 2 weeks now, and I must say its just not worth it. There is no money to be made, and only person making money is Uber them selves. I have tried Uber X I didn't try Uber Select but it simply wasn't worth it. After I counted the number of hours I have worked, and deducted...
  4. casanova82

    Surge Prices in KW Area

    Hello Kitchener-Waterloo Uber folks, I was wondering if someone can please post the usual surge timing in KW area during weekdays & weekend. Last night (Sat, Oct 17th) i got few surges with 3.0x at 1AM EST which was pretty awesome. Also, has anyone received any WARNINGS from Region of Waterloo...