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  1. Robert Villa

    You're just a little kid.

    ME: Oh man. I can't give you a ride. You're just a little kid. KID: I'm not a little kid. I'm 15. It's almost reflexive on their part.
  2. Willjohnsdrive


    I had a ride today where when I arrived, an adult walked their kid, maybe 12 or so, to the truck and told me to take them to the food court entrance at the mall where she was meeting another adult.. I took the ride, but then 1stared them so I wouldn't get them again. Is that reasonable? I am...
  3. T

    car seat recommendations?

    Kiddo just outgrew his bucket seat and now needs a large rear facing. looking for recommendations for a (inexpensive) larger rear facing or convertible carseat that is relatively easy to remove so i don't have to waste a half hour trying to fight with the mounting strap. We could...
  4. BurgerTiime

    The Bay Area is so expensive that employees at Uber are holding off having kids

    https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/finance/news/bay-area-expensive-employees-apple-170200852.html The Bay Area is a notoriously expensive place to live — even for high-earning tech employees. About 60% of tech workers can't afford homes in San Francisco, Business Insider previously reported. Now...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Many drivers still taking minors

    http://kfoxtv.com/news/local/local-uber-driver-says-too-many-minors-are-requesting-rides Too many minors are requesting rides, says local driver Daniel Aguilar. "This is my main source of income, so I don't want to be deactivated by Uber if they find out I gave a ride to a minor," said...
  6. Teddy2gloves

    Riders request with children but no carseat

    Tired of getting ride requests and when you get there they have kids but no car seats. Then they get pissed because I won't give you and your baby a ride without a carseat...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Witnesses say Uber driver spotted driving recklessly causing the death of a crossing guard

    http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/crossing-guard-hit-killed-while-directing-traffic-near-school/656269247 COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A school crossing guard was hit and killed while directing traffic Thursday morning, as children watched on in horror. Counselors spent the day at Lindley...
  8. Z

    Uber Perth - carrying kids

    Hi guys I used to drive Uber initially for few shifts when it was first launched in Perth. Butt these days I use Uber for short trips. I have two kids aged 4 and 2. I do lot of short trips but every now and then, about 1 in 10 drivers refuse to take kids citing car seat requirements. A friend...
  9. C

    Kids and Uberx

    Got a request for pickup at a local Walmart. When I arrive one man standing outside. Do a u-turn because no parking signs so pull up on opposite side. Man starts yelling and (wife/girlfriend walks out stroller in hand with infant) along with 2 children and dad already has a full cart of...
  10. halesbales

    UberEats with Children

    I have been an UberEats courier for less than a week and am curious to hear what people think about a someone bringing their 9-year-old along. This is only for UberEats deliveries. The law in Washington is that no child under 16 is to be left unattended in a running or non-running vehicle, so...
  11. CRV guy

    Little kid

    Got a ping around 8:30 am Friday morning. When I pulled up to the social housing address in Kanata a little kid who looked liked no older than 10 comes out. I ask him where his mom or dad are and he says inside. I ask him his age and he says 12. Tell him I can't take him and he looks very...
  12. TheThings

    Toddlers, no car seat

    How do you handle requests when you get there and it is someone with Littles who should be in a car seat?? For liability reasons, I'm declining rides. I'm surprised Uber seems to allow it because the response i received was that i could politely decline, not that it was against policy, though...
  13. 2CV750CC

    Kids in Beverly Hills

    warning: if you get a ride request for the 800 block of Camden in Beverly Hills, be aware had 6 kids (all under acceptable age) jump into my car faster than I could say NO then they were rude, tried to insist I cancel told them to get out - so they finally cancelled when they eventually did...
  14. Nenee

    Minors requesting Uber

    I recently had an experience on a ride request submitted by a 16 year old kid. I was concerned when I found myself with my suv packed w a bunch of 16 yr olds some perhaps younger and no adult. Anyone have any similar experience? I have reached out to Uber to get clarification on their policy...

    Warning: Don't take kids without car seats!

    I'm sick and tired of getting stuck in situations where a pax puts up a fight because I won't take a kid without a car seat. I'm also tired of hearing other drivers get in the same situation. If I catch you doing it, I'll report you to Uber and call the cops! It's illegal and morally...
  16. Wabbitt

    Zum (kid rideshare) looking for Bay Area drivers, $100 + $100 bonuses

    Since Shuddle imploded mid-April, a lot of those rides for unaccompanied minors are going to Zūm, a San Mateo startup. Zum needs drivers all over the SFBay, especially Peninsula and South Bay, and are offering a $100 signup bonus after 10 rides, plus another $100 after 50 (only if you use a...
  17. Queenofthepak

    Picking Up Kids

    Am I missing something? Since when is it acceptable for parents to send their elementary school kids to school via Uber? I went to pick up a PAX this morning, and out walks her 9 year old, alone! When I called she said she does this all the time???
  18. T

    Car Seats / Under 8 and Under 57 inches

    Are you guys picking up children especially those that need car seats, infant seats or booster seats. I decline all of them. I'm looking out for myself. Read: Any child under the age of 8 years old and a height of 57 inches shall be secured as follows in the rear seat of a motor vehicle...
  19. Tuhes

    Tired of school kids requesting rides.Lets do something

    Are you tired of of school kids requesting 4 blocks rides ? Today had 4 requests from school kids...Time to start to weed them out.... Cancel.... collect $4 ....make them cancel......give them a ride ,1 star them and send info to Lyft/Fuber. Somehow we need to get rid off this ticking...
  20. bigprttygrlswag

    Kids these days!

    Driving this morning on my way home at 930, I get one more ping - a motel off macgregor and riverside. Well, it's morning it should be safe. I pull in - it's 2 little boys about 10 yrs old! Backpacks, school uniform, clean cut and polite. Destination - montrose. Okay..... I'm thinking st...