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kids and uber

  1. New2This

    Should I report this or not?

    No car seat. Kid unbuckled. I have the license plate number as well as date and time. And no the Redskins sticker has nothing to do with it...
  2. Cowboyup

    School is out on Monday. Three day weekend.

    :( Have fun with that. :eek: :confused:
  3. Muziklyfe3

    Pax screaming at me due to car seat issue

    Get to pick up location.. Pax and 2 others come to my car with a child probably around 3 or 4yrs old, with no car seat or booster chair. I explain that without a car seat I am unable to take the ride. Well, they all get pissed off and start yelling at me that its BS and I'm lying because every...
  4. Glovl

    Just reported kids to UBER

    Just reported kids being under 18 to UBER. Kids were ok even nice, but it is so not safe for kids. Got a respond from UBER. "Thanks for reaching out about this. Our Terms of Service require that riders be 18 to have an Uber account and riders under 18 cannot request or receive a ride unless...
  5. T

    Car Seats / Under 8 and Under 57 inches

    Are you guys picking up children especially those that need car seats, infant seats or booster seats. I decline all of them. I'm looking out for myself. Read: Any child under the age of 8 years old and a height of 57 inches shall be secured as follows in the rear seat of a motor vehicle...
  6. JasonB

    Life as an Uber driver is starting to suck in a MAJOR way...

    Here are a few reasons (my personal observations) that being an Uber driver is no longer what it was, before this latest round of rate cuts. Feel free to agree/disagree or add in your own... 1. Before: Hearing the 'Beep...beep....beep' on your phone was fun and exciting. Almost like money...