kick back

  1. LVcool

    Kick Back App Comments Don’t Work.

    Is anyone else not able to read the comments on the Kick Back App? I have an iPhone X. I’m able to read and respond to the what’s new comments but nothing else. I know they said they were fixing it but that was a while ago. I’m hoping that the moderator of the app reads this as well.
  2. SoCalGabbieCash

    Stay away, won't pay.

    Rideshare beware! Five star liquor on Swenson as you're exiting the Airport won't pay. If you say you are never going back, the staff will take a pic of your license plate to later call uber to lie on you. They must be hurting to get so mad haha. Bet I won't go back ever again. And yes, I still...
  3. S

    Lyft driver driving a Tahoe

    There is a guy with a Tahoe driving around mostly by flamingo/Cromwell hotel snatching riders from other drivers.this guy is offering so called free ride and specially praying on strip club rides.had one of my buddies telling me this yersterday they were waiting for uber rise this guy...