1. Drive4Shutter

    Insurance - 2nd Driver London

    Hi all , I am very new here and not started with uber yet. Have done a little search here and there but need some advice please before I go further. I am planning to get a car (possibly Mazda CX5) ,I can get this car with %0 apr but I also saw Kia Nitro with a PCO hire company and it's...
  2. F

    $$$ reward Alert ! Stolen Blue Kia Optima Alert!!

    Hello everyone, my name is Saad, my vehicle got stolen on Tuesday November 22nd aroudn 6:30 PM in South Minneapolis. Blue 2013 Kia Optima 457KJX If you see it please help me notify My blue kia optima was stolen from South Minneapolis at around 6:30 PM on Nov 22nd. Several days later the...
  3. D

    CLTUber Driver Richard(Kia) drove off w/friend's luggage & work computer

    run from CLTAirport to Ballantyne 28277 about an hour ago. Does anyone on this board know how to reach him? (my buddy's cellphone's dead so we're using online)