1. UbereatsKENT

    Cheater HELP needed

    Dear members , readers , mods. If I may I would like to ask for your help . Where I work in Strood Kent theres an individual on a scooter delivering for uber eats. Tthis guy in his red SH scooter keeps getting all the orders.Him and his white box scooter are always getting pings,all the time...
  2. Tunnelvision

    Ride to Seattle celebration 6/30

    Anyone in Kent/Renton/Tukwilla going to the event in Georgetown? Friend had to cancel last minute so if you didn't get an RSVP, I can +1 you. Message me if you can swooooop! *edited @ 7:45 am.
  3. E

    Guaranteed Busy Area

    Hi everyone guaranteed busy at Beckenham Junction Station BR31HY Between 2300 - 0300 every weekend Friday 2300-0300 Saturday 2300-0300 Bank Holidays aswell. Beware any other times highly unpredictable. This is not like Croydon its busy and classy good jobs. Park up in Station car park and...