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kansas city

  1. N

    Amazon flex driver killed KC

    https://www.google.com/amp/fox4kc.com/2017/12/20/family-and-friends-mourn-call-for-change-after-70-year-old-man-killed-in-blue-ridge-boulevard-crash/amp/ I feel so sorry... just making Christmas cash GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Family and friends are mourning an Olathe man who was delivering packages...
  2. KCDriver

    Kansas City market for UberSELECT, and Lyft Plus

    Just curious how it's working out for drivers with premium cars; is there much of a market or are you doing mostly Lyft & Uber X runs?. Here's my context, I'm getting ready to buy a new vehicle (I need..ok ok I want... one anyway, NOT specifically for ride share). I'm debating between my...
  3. J

    Kansas City Paper Work

    Trying to finally get my KC paperwork in order. I feel at one time the app and website for uber had better directions for what exactly I need. A small business license and then a drivers certificate and a sticker for my car? 3 separate things or 3 things that are accomplished with one set of...
  4. Jake1326

    Airport meeting today? Yeah right.

    Time changed.
  5. E

    New to Uber, What Insurance do ya'll carry in missouri

    Hello everyone, I am new to Uber what type of insurance do you carry? I just realized my insurance has an exclusion in it. Do I need commercial auto even though I am only doing this part time?
  6. insertgenericusername

    questions about the business license and other paperwork

    30 days after your first trip, you're required to apply for a business license and do some other stuff. 1) If I never apply for these things, will I get to keep the money I earned in that beginning 30 day period? Or will uber somehow take it away from me? 2) once I reach that 30 day mark, will...
  7. UberJC

    6 weeks an Uber Driver

    Been driving core about 6 weeks bit sure if it's worth it. My best week in earnings was 605. I have been experiencing high 3's to high 4's. Any tips for driving. Not sure is i should ride to a certain area and work it. Like staying in Gladstone, Liberty or Zona Areas. Not getting any calls in...
  8. Jake1326

    KCI/MCI Lot C Get Together

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  9. Jake1326

    UBER Kansas City "Now Cheaper By 15%" E-mail Blast Friday

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