1. randrace

    Lyft DF at Airports Done as of Today

    The only cool thing about Lyft is now gone.
  2. randrace

    JWA Dropoff/Instant Pickup

    Hi guys, Longtime listener, first time caller. I'm 3 weeks / 100 rides into it, doing Lyft only. Your advice has been really helpful for a new driver, thanks. I just dropped a pax at JWA. Got a ping right after drop off. Pin looked like my current location so I hit arrive. Call pax and she asks...
  3. OC Lady Uber Driver

    You're outta here!

    At the bank parking lots east of JWA; did you experience Universal Protective Services telling you to move on last night? I saw UPS checking every car with a person sitting in it. Someone must of complained. On my last pick-up, I noticed lots of Ubers parked on Business Center Dr.