1. Frank Underwood

    When will Lyft be exposed?

    How long will it take for us to expose the evil company known as Lyft? *Stealing driver payments *Misclassifying drivers as 'partners' or whatever *Price fixing with Uber *Deception *Breaking local laws all over Earth. This company has slowly become worse than Uber. We must expose them...
  2. westsidebum

    Feds investigate uber over greyball

    Dupe delete
  3. circle1

    “Single Digit Millionaires” Are Too Poor to Get Justice In America

    "Billionaire Peter Thiel said yesterday: If you’re a single-digit millionaire … you have no effective access to our legal system.' [Thiel co-founded PayPal with Max Levchin and Elon Musk]...
  4. Vegas E

    Petition to Abolish the TA

    We, the undersigned do hearby demand an immediate, effective and complete investigation into the actions and policies of the Nevada Taxicab Authority by the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Fair Trade Commission. Nevada Taxicab Authority officials and officers have abused...
  5. D Town

    Dr.Ramkissoon Fired by Hospital After Attack on Uber Driver

    Doctor in Uber meltdown video fired by hospital By Eileen AJ Connelly April 23, 2016 | 11:45am A Miami neurologist whose profanity-laced rant at an Uber driver became a viral sensation has gotten her walking papers. Jackson Health System officials released a statement Friday saying that...
  6. G

    Meet and Greet- Protest?

    Would anyone be interested in an informal meet and greet? This is a great forum for Houston drivers and I sense a lot of us are frustrated by the same things. Why haven't we protested and taken advantage of media attention? With Houston's media being anti-Uber, we could really have a chance to...