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  1. X

    Juno lawsuit

    Juno lawsuit info below Not part of Idg just spreading the word if anyone wants to know someone who take this lawsuit up. No fee unless case is won. Class action. Do not ask here for more details just call the number below. Held & Hines LLP 2004 Ralph Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11234...
  2. Edman

    How is JUNO working out in NYC?

    Any new developments?
  3. makes_sense

    Juno taking on Uber in the Big Apple

  4. NYCuber

    Uber threatening new Juno recruits

    It seems that Uber has been feeling the pain of its customers using Juno now instead of Uber. Its a no brainer, Juno is offering pax 35% off all rides until further notice and no surge as of now. Of course all of us rideshare drivers who have began to work with Juno, have the Juno phone in...